Washington Olympic




It has a shore line its very sandy and it has a rocky formation.


The Olympic mountains were born in the sea. They used to be bendy but now there rugged peaks.

Marine Animals

Harbor Seal

Its grey with light or dark spots and you can sometimes see it if you walk on the pacific beach.

Gray whale

A gray whale can get to 50 or 60 feet long and it weighs over 30 tons.

Olympic National Park


Name of park

The name of the park is Olympic.

What state its in

The state its in is Washington.

What region its in

The region its in is the coastal range.

What about the visiters

People can go to museums because there are lots of them. The best time of year to visit is fall-September or October because it warmer and there's only a little drizzle . A person should visit the park because there's lots of wildlife and people can hike a lot.

2 interesting facts

There are 300 bird species

60 named glaciers

Types of plant life

The types of plant life they have there is pine trees and English Ivy. English Ivy covers lots of buildings and a lot of people like to look at it because they think its pretty.


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