Torri Jones

In the prologue, Chaucer describe the pardoner as a cleric full of flatteries and prevarication.The Pardoner also started by describing all of his tricks of the trade in his work. He explains to the pilgrims that he always uses "greed is the root of all evil" to entertain them with his speech . He tell how it was hard to sell his items when he arrives into town, the Pardoner describes some of his healing properties. All the ancient object are fake, he said but he doesn't care that they are . He also makes sure the pilgrims understand that he only preaches to earn money, so much that he doesn't hesitate to take it from people . He is a great speaker, and he cite from the Bible and philosophy to sound serious.He say that many good sermons come from evil things, so his love of money shouldn't be a big deal . He can still inspire shame in his audiences, even if he's only doing it to get money.