Understanding the Media


What does it mean?

What does it mean to media literate? In my opinion I think it means to understand the media that is all around you and to analyze the messages that are within the media. If you were to watch or read an advertisement and you understood the meaning behind the ad, you could consider yourself “Media Literate.” Being media literate is a very important skill because the world is progressing further with technology and the media, so understanding the concept of it is a very useful skill to have. The media consists of television, radio, movies, and etc. I have noticed that the media takes any means to catch attention from anyone around the world. Social media sites that have gone viral over the years include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instagram is a great example of people who try to send messages within images. I have come to comprehend how the media has progressed from the beginning of the radio to today’s social media. People who are media literate understand today’s society and it is important to know your own society on how it is. If you happen to be reading an article on the web, or a newspaper on today’s current events and you didn’t understand the meaning of the text, you would be clueless on how the society is like. I think that this Media Literacy class is the building blocks of the future society.

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News Article

Man Leaves Prison, Robs Same New Jersey Shoe Store

Brian Thompson, NBC Reporter

Wed Mar 26, 2014

TOMS RIVER – A man from Jersey repeated the same event after he was released from South Woods State Prison after serving 15 years.

Police say Miller boarded a bus to home sweet home from Atlantic City to Toms River on Saturday. On arrival, employees tell police that he came in the store and demanded for the cash and instructed the workers to go to the back room, but they refused.

“Maybe he calls prison home because the only thing he could think about is going back to the same store and repeating his past actions again.” Toms River Police Chief said
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My Semester

This semester was a very influential and educational semester. My thought about media literacy has changed slightly from my beginning thoughts. I understood that to be media literate is to understand the messages sent through the media. When I was in class, I noticed that we mostly reviewed real life events that occurred and we had to always reflect about it and give our opinions on it. I now see that media literacy is all about understanding life and your surroundings. The media in our society is corrupt in my opinion. When an argument ignites in the media, usually the company that writes about the problem, it is only one sided. I learned about what happened with the NSA and Edward Snowden. I understand that the government is possibly watching us 24/7 and that the quote from 1984, Big Brother is watching you, applies to our society nowadays. More and more as technology advances the more fearful it becomes. Media Literacy was more in-depth about understanding the media and its messages, than learning about grammar and comprehending passages. In the future for the sake of the class to keep it alive, interact more in group type activities to allow the students to see different views on the topic. Some things I would take away from this class would be not to skip the class and attend it. Do all the work that is assigned because it is not difficult. I didn’t learn much about media literacy, but I did learn the main message about it .