Max's Computer Repairs Shop

Efficient, easy and affordable repairs for your computer!

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Company Description

As the title of our business suggests, we are a computer repairs shop. Our business deals with a wide range of problems as a daily basis. Whether it's dysfunctional parts, faulty software, viruses or file recovery, we handle it all. Both my father and I have our master's in computer science, showing that we have the knowledge to help you. Our satisfied customers will vouch for the fact that we are experienced as well.

The Type of Company We Are

Our computer repairs shop is a partnership, meaning that it is owned and managed by my father and I. To us, a partnership is founded on trust. Without it, businesses wither. We hope to convey this trust to you, our customers. We also consider a partnership to be the perfect balance between a sole proprietorship and a corporation. In a sole proprietorship, there are no checks and balances so to speak. One person is in charge of the entire operation, which could be faulty. A sole proprietor also has to raise resources, meaning they are less capable than a business run under the management of more people. Two people can correct each other's mistakes, as my father and I do all the time. With a corporation, owners do not have much say, meaning that the top of the line customer service we prioritize may become neglected. Government regulation is also increased in a corporation, creating restrictions and making it more difficult to take care of customers. The advantages to the partnership that my father and I form, is that we bring a wide range of talent to the table, meaning that we're fully equipped to handle your needs. The absence of certain regulations also allows us to meet your needs effectively.
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Overcoming Obstacles

We won't lie to you. Our business does face disadvantages as does every business. What distinguishes us is how we face and overcome these disadvantages. As said before, trust is a vital element that must be present for any business to thrive. One of the disadvantages to our partnership, is that we are liable for each other. For example, if I do something that involves illegal activity, my father could suffer consequences. The trust and responsibility that my father have established over the last five years this business has been in operation will continue to last. We have a mutual goal and will certainly not do anything to jeopardize it. As for shared profits, that should be a given. Putting in half the work should mean half of the profit. It's just a common courtesy that my father and I uphold. Plus, going against it can be cause for bad business, something we're virulently against. My father and I butt heads fairly often. We may have a disagreement over the best way to handle something. That's why we have learned to become more flexible. Instead of useless rage-filled argument, we constructively talk with each other to determine the best way to handle something. As for leaving the business, neither of us plan on doing that soon. In the event that one of us does leave, we have many qualified professionals to fill in the gap.
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Our Participation in Labor Unions

In general, we consider participation in labor unions to be extremely important for maintaining employee standards. Without them, conditions that do not favor employees may be allowed to run rampant, which does not create an environment productive for work. Our business specifically participates in a craft union designed for those specializing in computers. We have a union shop established, meaning that people looking for employment at our place of work do not have to be a part of our craft union, but do have to join it. By doing this, our options are for potential employees are expanded. If we look just to the union itself, we may get less desirable employees from a smaller selection.
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Moving Towards Greener Operations

Environmental preservation is important to us. We will accomplish this by keeping a close eye on operations. One of the major sources of pollution in the operation of any computer based business is the disposal of parts. Our company will handle computer disposal, so if you have an unused, irreparable computer, send it us for safe disposal. For the replacement parts that we purchase, we will become more selective, choosing only what was made with the environment in mind to the best of our ability. In general, we will also use our resources more efficiently, to reduce waste.

Questions and Answers

Joe Asks

"I have an old graphics card and would like to replace it, is that something you would do."

Answer- "Why yes Joe! Replacement is an important aspect to repair and is something that we handle on a regular basis."

Kim Asks

"I got a virus on my computer! Would guys be able to remove it!?

Answer- "Yes, we'll dispatch the virus and setup some anti-virus software for a reasonable rate."

Robert Asks

"I was just going to toss this old computer into the dump. Would you guys like to take it off my hands?"

Answer- "Yes! Anymore computer not in the dump is a computer not polluting the environment. Just bring it by our location at 1337 Gumbo Lane."