Helicopter pilot

Military pilot

How many years you need to go to school

For this job you need a Bachelor Degre to fly a helicopter or a plane. There is many important things on a helicopter or plane that you need to know about. You need a pilot license and you need to fly 150 hours to earn it.


Every month a military piolt gets 7,000 dollors and every year I get 86,000 dollars on average.


Piolts can not work more than 34 hours in a seven day period or 120 hours in a month. Military pilots are stationed with the military and are on call all the time.

Duties for a military pilot

The duties I have is to bring soldiers into the battle and fly back. Some times pilots look for submarines and destroy them with missiles. Helicopters can bring in supplies like food and water to army bases and camps. They also can bring ammo and little tanks to the battle feild.

Negatives of occupation

  • Hazards of crashing
  • Away from family
  • In cross fire

Interesting aspects of career

  • You get to fly to cool places
  • You get to use flight simulator
  • You get to meet a lot of new people

Skills needed

  • Math skills
  • Communication skills
  • Perception skills
  • Logic skills
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