5 Themes of Austin

Reece Angly


This map shows that Austin is geographically located in the Central Region of Texas at the longitude latitude coordinates 30.25 degrees North, 97.75 degrees West.


Austin is in central Texas And is the State Capitol. Austin has a cultural atmosphere that is unique to the city. Austin is the Live music capitol of the world. Austins most popular slogan is "Keep Austin Weird".


Though Austin is a Sprawling Concrete Jungle with its own skyline, The surrounding Country is naturally a grassland with hills that is superb for the production of beef cattle.


Austin, being the live music capitol of the world, is a popular destination. People from all over the world flock to witness the music first handed. Austins most popular music event is "Austin city limits", a massive music festival with scores of fans.

Human-Enviornment Interaction

Tom Miller dam is a dam built in Austin in order to create Lady Bird Lake, the constant level lake in the heart of Austin that residents enjoy spending time swimming, canoeing, and paddle boarding on.