Author: Tonya Cherie Hegamin Date: April 29, 2008

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This book, M+O 4EVR, is rated three and a half stars on Goodreads. It was also short listed for the ALA Best Books for Reluctant Readers prize and was featured on CosmoGirl.com’s Best Summer Reads ’08. The author of the award winning book, Tonya Cherie Hegamin, grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania and Rochester, New York. She went to college at the University of Pittsburg and received MFA in Writing for Children at the New University. Since then Hegamin has wrote and published many books, receiving awards for many of them.
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Quote 1- "found her down in the ravine". This quote has importance to the story because this is when Opal's grandmother has told her that Marianne had died. It was the start of a long story and it all happened down in the ravine.

Quote 2- " The funeral's today Opal... You want to go? I knew for sure that I didn't." The importance of this quote is that Opal had such a hard time dealing with her best friends death, that she didn't even want to attend the funeral. She did not want to accept the fact that she was gone.

Quote 3- " When I finally did return to my dreams was a warm night in early April- I'd just received my acceptance to MIT." This quote is important to the book because it shows that after struggling for a long time to accepet her friends death, Opal finally is able to reach peace and make plans for the future.

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Conflict and Resolution

The main conflict of this story is that one of the main characters, Opal, is in love with the other main character, Marianne. Opal and Marianne grew up together and were insuperable. They were home schooled together for a while, until high school came along. When high school started they went to public school where Marianne started hanging around with the wrong crowd. Marianne ends up dying and Opal thinks she could have prevented the death of her best friend and has to deal with this regret the rest of her life.

The resolution of the story deals with Opal getting past her grief, and her struggle to decide upon a future. Also, reading about the same story that happened to a young slave girl named Hannah helped Opal push past her grief and realize their is hope.

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3 Details

One interesting detail about this book is the main character, Opal, is in love with her best friend, Marianne. This is interesting to me because they grew up together and now all of a sudden Opal loves her more than just a friend.

Another interesting detail was Marianne's wild side when she attended public school. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd and started doing drugs and messing with boys. This is interesting to me because this is not how me or any of my friends behave, so reading about girls who are so different from me makes it more entertaining.

The last interesting detail about the book is that after Marianne dies, Opal reads a book about a slave girl named Hannah who traveled through the same ravine where Marianne died in. This is interesting to me because Opal hope in this book to get over the grief about her best friends death.

Historical References

One historical reference in the book is about a runaway slave named Hannah. Opal's grandmother tells her Hannah's story. Another historical reference in the book is to slaves being brought over to America from Africa. Mine tells Hannah that his mother was brought to America from Africa and was able to escape and that she was found by his fathers people, the Nanticokes. Another reference to history is the wigwam that Mine and Hannah used as shelter. They built it against the side of a mountain and it had a hearth with an iron pot in the corner.
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Book Review

I rate this book three out of 5 stars because there were some things I liked about the book and other things I did not. I liked how one of the main characters in the book was not like me. It made it interesting to me to read about a girl who messes around with boys and does drugs. However, I did not like how the main character in this book was bisexual. I personally don't believe in that at all and it made me uncomfortable. I also thought it was hard to understand some of the content. I would recommend this book to young adults.