Overview of Holocaust

The holocaust was a state-sponsored murder of Jews and Nazis during world war II. The Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler wanted to kill all Jews in his way to conquering the world. the war happened for 6 years (1939-1945). The Nazis also killed homosexuals, slaves, and people of a different religion.

Definition/Background Information

Blitzkrieg was a military strategy based on surprise, speed and the use of overwhelming force on a narrow front. Blitzkrieg in German is ''Lightning war.'' The word is Blitzkrieg usually refers to German offensives during World War II (1939-1945).

The Germans used fast-moving tanks, warplanes, and artillery. The combined force smashed holes in enemy lines and quickly penetrated enemy defenses. The Germans bypassed pockets of resistance at first, then surrounded and erased them.

Orginal Research Question

How long did the Blitzkrieg last? Who was in charge of the Blitzkrieg?

Germany used the blitzkrieg tactic against Poland (1939), Denmark (1940), Norway (1940), Belgium (1940), the Netherlands (1940), Luxembourg (1940), France (1940), Yugoslavia (1941), and Greece (1941). The German Nazis were in charge of the blitzkrieg.


"There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust." - Fidel Castro

That quote is so powerful and important because someone is describing that the holocaust was the worst thing to ever happen in the world, and like they said "nothing can compare." The holocaust was so disastrous and it was the most destructors event in history.


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