Come to Gambia with Family and Friends!


Gambia is located in West Africa.

Our average weather for the week is low hundreds and sunny.

We have a sub - tropical climate with two distinct variations of distinct dry and rainy seasons.

The coast and river banks consist largely of mangrove swamps. The country is mostly a low plateau which decreases in height as it nears the Atlantic coast

Tony Ehl

National Anthem Of Gambia By US Navy Band by Tony Ehl

About Us

Gambia's main language is English.


1. Attend School

2. Play football

3. Listen to popular Western music and dancing.

4. Practice the religion of Islam


1.Do not criticize the Gambia government or ministers.

2.Do not speak about dead ancestors in a harmful or demeaning way.


1. Respect and take care of your family

Digging Deeper


1.There are 3500 Europeans living in Gambia.

2. The Krio people are the smallest ethnic group in Gambia.

Culture Landscape: The media can be viewed as informative to some but an annoyance to others.

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion: Tourism is the economies main source of income.

Evidence of Culture change: Cellphones have grown to be very popular in Gambia. There are 1.5 million people with one.


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