Czech Republic

Located on the continent of Europe

Fun Facts

Capital: Prague

Population: 10,627,448

Currency: Koruna

Size ( In square miles): 29,830

Czech Republic Music

Traditional czech music and dances.wmv

The Prague Castle

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This castle was built in the 9th Century. It is in the capital of Czech Republic. Go to Czech Republic to see this amazing castle.

Miloš Zeman

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He is the third president of Czech Republic. He was signed President March 8th, 2013.

5 Unique Facts of Czech republic

1. In 1959, a Czech national named Otto Wichterle invented soft contact lenses.

2.During Easter, it is important to Czechs that they wear new items of clothing.

3. Christmas dinner in the country would not be considered complete without serving carp.

4.The first Czech who became a Nobel Prize recipient was Jaroslav Heyrovský. He was recognized for his work and discovery in the field of polarography.

5.Restaurant waiters in the country would always presume that drinks are going to be ordered after a meal. So if you want to have drinks before you eat or to accompany your meal, you have to request or order for such before your meal.