Book Talk: Samira

title: Luv Ya Bunches


Hi my name is Samira and this is my book talk on the book called "Luv ya bunches" and the authors name is Lauren Myracle. The theme of this book is fiction


The main characters are Milla, Violet, Yasaman and Katie-Rose. Milla is the popular one, Violet is new in town, Yasaman is the shy one and Katie-rose is the fun out-going one.


The Plot is when Milla by accidentally gets pushed and drops her stuff and her prize possession, Tally The Turtle bobble head gets lost. Violet sees it but doesn't know who it belongs and takes it home in til she knows who the owner is. But another girl named Modessa sees violet with Tally The Turtle and claims she knows who's it is. So Violet gives it to her but it turns out that Modessa had another plan in mind. So the next day Violet sees that Modessa has framed her enemy Katie-Rose stole it and planted it in her bag and makes the whole class think that she stole it. Violet feels guilty when she realizes that it was Milla's Turtle and she took it from her. Not Katie-Rose. Katie-Rose told Yasaman(her best friend) what happend and wants her to clear her name.


The setting is at their classroom, school, local library and their homes.


Will Yasaman clear her friends name?

Find out! Read the book please!