Third Grade Reagan Rays

May 27, 2017

Upcoming Dates

Monday May 29, 2017 Memorial Day

Friday June 2, 2017 Last Day of School Early Release 11:45

End of Year Info

Tuesday May 30- 3rd grade Kickball Tournament- Wear Tennis Shoes

Wednesday May 31st Talent Show. Parents come and support your child from 745: 840

Wednesday May 31- End of the Year Popsicle Party 2:00-2:45

Thursday June 1st- Egg Drop Contest

Egg Drop Contest

When: Thursday, June 1st, at 8:00 a.m.

Where: Outside by the big playground

TASK: You are to design and build a container that will hold and protect a raw egg when it is dropped from the second story.


You can use any materials your parents will let you use from home. You CANNOT spend any money on your container! Recycling is the best way to go. Do not use peanut butter. You also need to provide your own raw egg and make sure to put it in a plastic baggie before you build around it.

SIZE: No larger than 1 cubic foot.

Bring your contraption to class on Thursday, June 1st. Please DO NOT bring them earlier.




Bridges Practice: Division Fractions


Reading: 60 minutes per week

Multiplication: Math Fact Pro, Math Fact Pro iPad (Log in Information)

Spelling Core Words Unit 31 Inside, ago, sad, early, I'll

Practice All Words- Spelling City

Language Arts

Biography is a significant and popular genre of nonfiction. These books are an important source of information about famous and ordinary individuals who have all lived within a historical time frame from the distant past to the present, including the authors of the children’s books we read in our classrooms. Students make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and features of literary nonfiction and the author’s purpose in historical context.

Research is utilized in many aspects of our lives. It empowers us to seek new information and knowledge. It allows us to deepen our understanding of the world, its people and oneself. The topic to research might be a person of interest to integrate biographies and autobiographies, or another topic integrated with science or social studies. Students choose a research topic based on personal interests, formulate open-ended questions, develop and follow a research plan for gathering relevant information from multiple sources, both oral and written. Students use effective speaking and listening skills when conducting interviews or consulting local experts. We model techniques to take notes from sources without plagiarizing, including the creation of a works-cited page. Students take simple notes, sort notes into categories, and clarify the research question if necessary. Students organize and present their ideas according to the purpose of the research and their audience.


Year At a Glance for Parents

Extending Multiplication & Fractions

Unit 7 Homework Helper

In this unit your child will:

❚ Develop and use strategies for multiplying by 11 and 12

❚ Multiply single-digit numbers by multiples of 10

❚ Multiply single-digit numbers by two-digit numbers

❚ Solve problems involving fractions Your child will learn and practice these skills by solving problems like those shown below.

Science/ Social Studies

  • Students will build on their knowledge of how people adapt, modify and use the physical environment in which they live and how that physical environment may change, including natural resources. They will investigate the impact of people, organisms and events on the physical environment.

  • Students will explore, investigate, and compare landforms found on Earth and the rapid changes landforms undergo. They will explore changes and interactions between humans and their environment including how people adapt, modify and use the physical environment. Students will explore and investigate natural resources and the impact of rapid changes to natural resources.

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