by; Patrick Baker

The difference between a credit card and a debit card

A credit card is a card that a person uses like case but is borrowing it from a company with the promise to pay them back with interest, you may also be fined more if your payment is late.

A debit card is a card you use like cash and the money is taken from your own bank account

Three ways to develop positive credit

your credit score is a score kept bye three company's to determine how reliable you are for paying off borrowed money

One way to help this score is to always pay your credit card bills on time and never be late on payments

Another way to develop good credit score is not to apply for to much credit in a short time

A third way to improve you credit it to use your credit only when you need to and don't buy large big expensive items make it something you know you can afford and pay on time

How to get organized

many people use websites and apps to help them manage there money here are some examples of those websites/apps

First up is

The Pros and Cons

three Pros for using credit are one you can get things you want or need much sooner because you pay them off over time secondly, using credit the right way will get you better loans with better rates. Thirdly, if you are short on money you can divide the cost for an expensive item to get it.

Three Cons to using credit are one, if used wrong it can affect you ability to get loans. Secondly , you have the chance of having your identity stolen. Thirdly, if you use credit incorrectly it can greatly impact you ability to get a job.

APR and its importance

APR is Annual percentage rate and it is how much interest you pay on your borrowed money. This is important to know when applying for a credit card so you can get a better rate

this rate affects the amount you pay greatly say you wanted to buy a new tv and it cost 300 dollars if you had an APR of 18% and only paid the minimum of 50 you would be paying $ 316.72 over the course of 7 months

Credit reports

you can order your credit once a year by visiting, call 1-877-322-8228. Or complete the Annual Credit Report Request Form and mail it to: Annual Credit Report Request Service, P.O. Box to get your credit score for free once a year. it is important to get this every year to know your score because if you don't know your score a bank may try to give you a higher loan and you wouldn't even know if the loan was fair or not if you where to find errors ii your credit report then you need to report this to the credit company as soon as possible so they can fix it

Credit Consultants

credit consultants can help you in many ways they can help you get things back on track or help you from letting things get that bad a consultant you can contact in ohio is (614) 515-4427
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