Dragon Roar: 4. 3. 2020

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COVID19 Support: Additional Tuition Assistance from Hope for the Future, DUE APRIL 8

Thank you, Jesus! The Archdiocese has opened Hope for the Future Funds to provide additional tuition assistance. Here is how to apply. AFTER YOU COMPLETE, please fill out this form immediately for me.

If you already applied for HFF for 2020-2021, just log back in and update. DO NOT CREATE A NEW HFF APPLICATION. You will know if you did this if you got charged $35 for the application already. DO NOT PAY TWICE!!

1) Complete OR relog on to your 2020-2021 FACTS Application at https://online.factsmgt.com/aid if you had already filled one out, you can just log back in!

  • You will have to pay $35 fee to FACTS (the Arch/HFF/we do not get this).
  • I will reimburse ALL families that get charged $35 to fill this out for COVID related assistance on your May tuition.

2) You will need:

  • 2018 OR 2019 tax documents along with their most recent W-2
  • Supporting documentation such as a furlough letter or termination from the employer on company letterhead OR a paycheck stub detailing the loss of hours and decrease in pay.
  • You may take pictures of their tax docs with their phone and upload those pictures directly into their FACTS application.

3) Should you need assistance editing their application you can contact the FACTS parent line at 1-866-412-4637.

4) When you have filled it out on FACTS, fill this out immediately. You must fill this out to be considered.

Complete this optional, FAMILY PRIZE survey so we can get better at Remote Learning and supporting YOU

Please take some time to fill out this quick, optional survey. Thank you in advance for your help with this and for helping us improve our systems for our community.


We will have some fun prize drawings for those that completed this form (i.e. toilet paper, hand sanitizer, free dress coupons for our return, family spotlight on our Facebook Live, and so much more!)

The Way of the Cross


Next week begins Holy Week Tune in on the St. Monica PARISH Facebook to connect to Mass. Here is the schedule.

Starting Monday of Holy Week at 12PM, I will go live on Zoom (323-989-151) to pray with you for 15 minutes each day. Totally optional, join if you'd like to pray with me and say hi!

  • Sunday is Palm Sunday, traditionally celebrated with the procession with palms to remind us of Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem.
  • Sunday officially begins a solemn time and our most sacred week, Holy Week, the days during which we journey with Jesus on his way of the cross and anticipate his Resurrection on Easter.

Sunday's Gospel: Palm Sunday, Matthew 26:14—27:66

  • Jesus is crucified, and his body is placed in the tomb.

Family Idea for Sunday's Gospel

Sunday's Gospel is LONG, Make the WEEK a Way of the Cross

  • Because of the length/complexity of the Passion narrative, Sunday's Gospel, young children can have difficulty when it is proclaimed in its entirety.
  • Break it down all week. In this way, Holy Week can become a “way of the cross.”

Sunday: Matthew 21:1-11 (The Procession with Palms, create your own with your family by making construction paper palms or grabbing branches from outside!)

M: MT 26:14-25, T: MT 26:26-35 W: MT 26:36-56 Th: MT 26:57—27:14 F: MT 27:15-54

Pray Together

  • Each day during Holy Week, the family can gather in a prayerful space with a crucifix as the focal point reading the Gospel section described above.
  • Then you might reflect on the reading together or give kids time to ask questions about the events.
  • Conclude your prayer time together by praying the Lord’s Prayer.


Ms. Salazar and the SMCS Team

Holy Week at Home Prayers: Gather, Reflect, Pray, and Act

Monday, April 6th, 12pm to Friday, April 10th, 12:30pm

Zoom 323-989-151

HERE is a downloadable prayer guide for Holy Week for your family.

I will adapt this every day of Holy Week (Monday to Friday) at 12PM on Zoom, 323-989-151.

Totally optional, but feel free to join if you can and would like to pray with me!

No Online Learning: Good Friday and Easter Monday, Classes Resume Tues 4/14

Friday, April 10th, 8am to Monday, April 13th, 6pm

This is an online event.

We will have prayer at 12PM on Friday, if you would like to join. No classes, but there will be prayer!



Each week I will describe adaptations we have made based on your feedback and our own analysis of how online learning is going.

  • Every Monday by 8AM, you will receive ONE newsletter from your HOMEROOM teacher that will have ALL your assignments and due dates for the WEEK.
  • As a school, we will be transitioning into one, quality, in-depth, multi-standard assignment per subject per week. We understand that it is no longer feasible to assign students an assignment per subject per day. You will see what this looks like with your Teacher's newsletter on Monday.
  • Our Governor extended online learning until May 4. So we are staying online definitely until then, unless anything else changes. See below for more details.
  • Zoom Security. When we started Zoom, we signed up for School Business Platform so we could have more security features.
  • New Zoom Security Feature: Additionally, starting this week all teachers have edited their zoom room with a waiting room so that students cannot enter chat until the teacher is there and people that do not belong cannot join. Additionally, students cannot stay on the school zoom if the teacher is not present.
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Remote Learning Extended to May 4, Actual Date Undetermined for Now

Our Governor extended online learning until May 4. So we are staying online definitely until then, unless anything else changes.

We do not know enough yet to give a firm return date. SMCS is committed to opening as soon as federal, state, and city guidelines in correlation with Archdiocesan guidelines allow SAFE opening.

We are committed to offering a summer session to catch up on any gaps if Bexar County, State, and Federal Mandates allow.

We will keep online learning to our official last day of school on June 2 if the May 4 executive order gets extended.

We will not officially close.

Our Team is Unplugged on the Weekend and Holidays

  • We are still following our master school calendar for days in sessions. We will be unplugged on weekends and regularly scheduled holidays (i.e. Good Friday coming up!)
  • Team members are available from 8AM to 12PM and 12:30PM to 3PM on Monday to Friday on google classroom and zoom when scheduled.
  • Team members will answer emails and comments within 1 business day.
  • Our team members will be unplugged on the weekends/holidays and we want you to be as well!

Master Live Teaching Time Schedule: PLEASE REVIEW EACH WEEK

  • The master schedule is below, please review as some classes may have changed.
  • We color-coded it so you can find all the classes for your grade.
  • The Meeting ID for your Zoom room and the time is included. Some have passwords. That will be found in your google classroom.
  • Every teacher has office hours where you can pop in to ask questions and clarification on work.
  • ALL zoom sessions are recorded so we can post them later for missed lessons.

Master Zoom Schedule

Counselor's Corner: Note from Mrs. Moncrief

I hope you had a chance to log into my Google Classroom (Class Code: 72fdwe3) and see

some of the posts.

I am glad that we are able to connect and exchange ideas, worries, joys, and victories.

It has been pretty lonely in my Zoom meetings, so feel free to check in and say “hi”! That will

make my day too! I love seeing our students!

We have three ways to connect:

1. Email: I will do my very best and reply by the next day. If there is an emergency, contact Ms.

Salazar and she can get hold of me.

2. Zoom:

  • Every day from 2:00 – 5:00 pm
  • Meeting ID: 865-730-234

3. Padlets

This is a digital bulletin board. I add new things every week. Just browse and click on the

tiles. Hopefully, some things will be helpful.

Padlet for Parents

Password: Parent

Padlet for Students

Password: Student

Please, please, please reach out! You know your students and their needs best! Also, please

take a moment to take care of yourself as well! We need to keep ourselves in a good place, so

we can be there for our loved ones! I am a mom of three boys, and a wife of 30+ years. We are

all experiencing some uncertain and often anxious days! Together, we will get through this, God


I truly look forward to connecting with you.

Remote Learning Dragon Roar Archive

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Handbook for 2019-2020

Wait, there are tech rules? Yes! Please read the attached document.

There will be TONS of updates as we get moving. Please help us help you and let us know of issues and roadblocks you encounter.
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