Alabama Sturgeon

BY Michelle Johnson

what is a Alabama sturgeon

The Alabama sturgeon is a slender, golden-yellow, freshwater fish that was historically widespread in the Mobile River Basin of Alabama and Mississippi. It grows to about 30 inches in length and weighs two to three pounds.

what does Alabama sturgeon eat ?

Small sturgeon eat very small organisms & larvae. As they mature they will eat almost anything such as: decaying matter/fish, mollusks, crustaceans, shrimp, crayfish, snails, …clams, muscles, insects, worms, eggs of other fish mainly salmon, worms, some aquatic plants. Small fish such as herring, smelt, sunfish, bass, trout & shad, but also salmon. They like squid and are known to eat mice, rats, & frogs. Mainly dead or alive stuff that is on the bottom but they will pursue live fish and may even feed on the carcass of other sturgeon.

Some Questions to ask yourself ?

Will the Alabama sturgeon that are captured still be put in the State’s Marion Fish Hatchery?