Nuclear Weapons in the World

By: Joe Erario

Why nukes are a bad thing in our world today?

  • Nuclear weapons are not like conventional weapons which do the most damage a direct impact. Nuclear weapons can continue to do harm long after their dropped.
  • Nuclear weapons are horrible for the enviroment. The area in which a nuke was dropped could remain inhaptable for weeks or even years.
  • Nuclear weapons pose argueably the greatest single threat towards humanity.

Why do countries have nuclear weapons?

  • The main reason countries still have nuclear weapons today in for protection.
  • Nukes are deterrent to war because of their massive destructive effect, if a country ever nuked another they would be nuked in retaliation destroying both countries.

Harmful effects of nuclear weapons on humans and the enviroment

  • Exposure to nuclear fallout and radiation causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss and death of blood cells.
  • Long term effects of raditation exposure have been linked to cancer and other diseases.
  • A full out nuclear war is predicted to cause a nuclear winter by creating a cloud of debris so large that it would block out the sun and cause mass extinction.

List of countries with a significant amount of nuclear weapons

United States-2,104 active nukes, 7,315 total

Russia-1,600 active nukes, 8,000 total

United Kingdom-160 active nukes, 225 total

France-290 active nukes, 300 total

China no known active nukes with 250 total

How can we end the threat of nuclear weapons?

  • We have to support programs and deals the US already has with countries like Russia to disarm nuclear weapons and greatly reduce their arsonal.
  • Spread the word of how nuclear weapons are not really needed in todays world and that they do way more harm than good.
  • Try to vote for political officals that support peace in the world and might have already talked about their position on nuclear weapons.