Tangerine Times

1st Quarter Updates

What's happening in Social Studies

After wrapping up our Japanese Internment unit with a writing assessment and picture book group project, Tangerines have been busy delving into the American Revolution. Students studied the events building up to the colonists’ break from the British. They worked on summarizing skills as part of building context and additionally engaged in a silent debate arguing if they would rather be a dog (representative of Loyalists) or a wolf (representative of Patriots). Students also took on the role of jury members in the Boston Massacre trial and worked in groups to investigate evidence from multiple perspectives in order to ultimately determine who they believed was to blame for the incident: soldiers or colonists. Every day, students continue to draw connections between current events and their own lives with their “Morning Business” reports that will continue throughout the semester. Up next, students will break down and examine the significance of the Declaration of Independence. After that, students will focus on slavery, its evolution in the colonies, and its impact on everyone involved. This will culminate in a project where students will assume the role of an early abolitionist and use their newfound knowledge to create a persuasive leaflet explaining why slavery should be abolished.

Thanks for all of the support you have given to our students this year!

Updates from Math

Math 8:

Math 8 is going great so far! We started off the year by reviewing operations with integers and rational numbers. These skills are of utmost importance to learn subsequent procedures and concepts. For example, we used all of this skills in our second unit which focused on solving linear equations. We are currently working on graphing linear functions. The students are learning about slope, y-intercept, and connections between the different representations of a situation.

The students are completing a weekly writing assignment and doing daily homework on TenMarks. So far, I have gotten lots of positive feedback from both students and parents about how the homework and weekly writing assignments are supporting the learning that occurs in the classroom. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Algebra 8:

I can’t believe that we have already completed a quarter of Algebra! We have worked through lots of content already. Some of the highlights include solving complex linear equations, solving literal equations, solving and graphing absolute-value inequalities, and working with the different forms of a line. We are currently working on our Linear Functions unit. Some topics that are coming up soon are point-slope form of a line and solving systems of equations.

The students are completing a weekly writing assignment and completing daily homework out of the Algebra textbook or via worksheet. The students have been doing a great job with all of their homework. The content is complicated and any student who needs extra support should attend TEAM time. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Everything English

Tangerine students have been doing a great job in English class this quarter. We began the year by focusing on several short stories, and students engaged in a study of character traits and how to identify all the creative elements that make characters engaging and relatable. We are currently in the midst of the Survival Unit, in which students analyze the characters in three survival narratives and establish what traits they possess that help them to survive. Students have been eagerly participating in class discussions, participating in both formal and informal literary debates, and crafting creative and analytical writing pieces. The classroom community is really starting to take form, and it has been a pleasure to see these students make connections and apply themselves to learning.

Tangerine Teachers

Feel free to contact any teacher if you have a question or concern.