By Cynthia

Personal Bio

  • Born around 1813(B.C.E)
  • His real name is Abram, but God named him Abraham
  • The test of Abraham was made by god to prove he was loyal to him
  • He plays the role for Judaism, Christianity, And Islam
  • Abraham was called by God to leave his home and to settle in the land, Canaan
  • He has chapters in the bible
  • Abraham was visited by three angles
  • Abraham had many kids (6 and more)
  • Married to Sarah, she died and he married again
  • Abraham means: Father of a multitude


"Here I am"

Says when God was speaking to him to know where he was to tell him about the test he would give Abraham

Statistics about Abraham

Chapter in the bible-11 to 25 of the book of Genesis

Abraham sending servants- He sent 318 trained servants to the army Elamite army, who were already worn a\out with the battle of Siddim


My person, Abraham should advance because he did great things when he was alive. He was loyal to God to sacrifice his only son before the angle stop him. He prayed the Lord to not destroy Sodom if only he could find 10 people that are good people. He was always loyal to God and no one else. Abraham should advance to the next round because he deserve it.