Meeting Rainforest Explorer

By Jenny Kim

Reporting Explorer Sean Williams

Today, I reporter Jenny Kim is going to interview a rainforest explorer called Sean Williams, aged 25, who came back from exploring the Daintree Rainforest! Although he might be a bit tired, he had very nicely agreed to answer a few questions about the rainforest! Well, if you are interseted in what he feels about the rainforests, just wait and you'll find out!

I asked how he beame to be a rainforest explorer and why because there is lots of other jobs to do in the world, and tell us what you love about rainforests. The repliance was "I love the area and animals that live in here and I think rainforests are a perfect place for them to live." I asked him how he got to know about the rainforest.His replince was," During my childhood, my dad was a rainforest explorer, and he took the family and had a picnic in the rainforest, while he explored. He obviously knew very much about the climate and took us to a shelter. But I wasn't very hungry often. So sometimes I followed my dad, and there were sometimes hard times. But we still loved exploring rainforests and I especially loved the animals in the rainforest."

My other question was "What makes you learn more about the animals, and what shall we do if we see dangerous ones that harm people, and didn't he get injured. His replience was unexpected. I studied the common animals before I went to the rainforest as I don't want to harm them. For example, cassowaries don't have interset in you as long as you don't keep interest in them and don't go near them. So I listened to that, and for the past 5 years was his answer.

I asked if he could inform the difference between other types of areas like deserts, islands,etc. He said that obviously in other areas the temperature range is too big or slow. For example, Deserts are a very humid place during the day, but at night, it can down to -86'C approximately. So there is a very big temperature range so during the day, some animals hide in a place cold, or at night, animals hide in a warm place so it will be hard to find animals you have never seen before. But the rainforests don't, and the animals which live in the rainforest doesn't exactly hide in a place. So it is easier to discover animals.

My other question was is discovering the animals and cool creatures a skill. But unexpectedly he said that it's all luck; even for all explorers, you just search and an animal comes up, it's a reward for working hard. His friend thought he was just modest, but he shouted and said he wasn't. He proved today that he was a vivacious and energetic explorer.

My last question was about which rainforest was his favourite, and his answer was the one he recently went to,which was "The Daintree Rainforest ," which made a very big news internationally. He said that The Daintree Rainforest has lots of unique animals and there is alot of native animals such as the Koala, Kangaroo Echidna, Wallaby, Platypus,etc. But in other rainforests, there is a lot of rainforests that does't contain a lot of native animals and only has a very luxury site, but the food they give is always and in the rainforest. which makes them the most unique. Lots of thanks to Sean Williams, who spent his time answering questions for us. I hope we all learnt a lot today. It was great hearing your story!

-Reporter Jenny Kim-