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Refugee Resettlement News and Information

Our Mission

Taking our gifts and resources and meeting needs in God's name.
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Christ Church Cranbrook's Refugee Resettlement Committee...

... wants to keep you updated as we prepare to welcome a refugee family in the fall. As of today, we do not know who the family is or where they will come to us from!

Meeting Our Mission

How: Assist Samaritas, during the initial 90 days, in the resettlement of a refugee family. After their 90 days, we will provide the family with on-going support as a co-sponsor.

Samaritas’ Role: Samaritas helps with the family’s initial settlement for 90 days. This includes finding them housing and employment, registering children in school, and making sure the family completes major paperwork (insurance forms, social security forms, government assistance forms, etc.)

Our Role: During the first week, we will help welcome the family by stocking the pantry and providing furnishings, household supplies, and clothing. During the next three months, we will work with Samaritas to help the family get settled (this involves helping with shopping; transportation; communication; medical advice; financial advice; donations of furnishings, household items and clothing; and prayer.) After this period ends, our group will continue to assist the family for an additional three months on our own.

How can you be involved? We hope to grow our commitment to the family based on their needs. You can volunteer to assist in a variety of ways. Some opportunities will be ongoing and some will be more one-time donations. Possible opportunities include:

  • Shopping

  • Transportation

  • Furnishings and kitchen needs

  • Clothing

  • Communication

  • Medical

  • Prayer

What to expect/look for? Ongoing information and updates via emails from Christ Church Cranbrook and Sign-Up Genius links to either express initial interest to help or to sign-up to help.

Get Involved?

Whether it's once, short term, or long term, we would love your involvement in helping the family assimilate into the United States. Click on the link below if you'd like to help!


“Heavenly Father, you are the source of all goodness, generosity, and love. We thank you for opening the hearts of many to those who are fleeing their lives. Help us now to open our arms in welcome, and reach out our hands in support. That the desperate may find new hope, and lives torn apart are restored. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord, who fled persecution at His Birth and at His last triumphed over death. Amen”

Committee Members

Beth McArthur*, Sonia Pastore*, Anita Qonja*, David Jensen, Joan Jensen, Jessica Neeper, Brian Neeper, Becky Walton, Kate Beebe, Rob Beebe, Peggy Dahlberg, Leslie McNamara, Bill Danaher, Manisha Dostert, Eric Linder, Debbie Sloan, Hugh Sloan, and Duffy Wineman

*Executive Committee Members