Solution For Modern Day Slavery

By: Siena Gunari

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Background on Slavery

Slavery first began when African slaves were brought to America in 1619. They needed slaves to help with the production of crops such as tobacco and cotton.
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Slavery in America in 1800s

Slavery Today

There are 27 million people enslaved worldwide today. More Slaves are in the world today than ever before. Slavery brings in $150 billion dollars every year. The most common form of slavery is Labor Slavery. About 78% of the slaves today are labor slaves. They are needed for labor such as farming, fishing, and brick making. The second most common form of slavery is Child Slavery. About 26% of slaves today are Child Slaves. They are needed for grueling work such as carrying stones sometimes twice their body weight up mountains. The last common form of slavery is Sex Slavery. Sex Slavery includes about 22% of today's slaves.
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Shows Places with the most slaves in darker color

Facts on Modern Day Slavery

  • Slaves today are cheaper than they have ever been.
  • In the U.S., slavery often takes forms in sex slavery
  • Slavery is illegal everywhere, yet is very popular in some places
  • Slavery is growing
  • People often get lured into slavery by being offered a job
  • Slaves cannot get out of slavery because they have huge amounts of debt that formed and are also often physically trapped
  • Over half of the victims of slavery are women or girls
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Slaves pan for gold in Ghana


Some solutions we can do to help the world have a less amount of slaves is pay off the slaves. We could pay the slave owners money to free the slaves, and money for them to stop getting more slaves so they could possibly stop taking slaves. Some other ways we can help the slaves meanwhile is we can buy food and products that are made without slaves. We can also recognize the signs of a slave holder. A slave holder will often offer someone a very sketchy job.
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Kids in India carrying bricks on their head

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