Hot Air Gun Soldering

Hot Air Gun Soldering Is Used a lot When Working on Computer

Hot Air Gun Soldering Is Used a lot When Working on Computer Circuit Boards

Now days because the printed circuit board or PCB design has become so compact there are electronic components on the boards that are SMD or surface mount devices. Since these SMDs are extremely small and the pitch in between 2 pins is tiny also, it is rather tricky to good surface mount soldering. This called for a different way to solder. Go here to know more details about hot air gun soldering.

It requires that the device is heavy enough so that it is not movable by the hot air from the Hot Air Gun when hot air gun soldering. Here are three simple steps to making sure this is done correctly.

• Apply the solder to the pads with solder paste – paste already contains flux; no need to re-flux

• Line up the chip pins to the corresponding pads

• Use the hot air gun to blow hot air at low speed until the solder melts

Basically you need to have the air hot enough but the speed of the blower not blowing to hard. This is why a hot air rework station is a “got to have”. Especially if you do lots of circuit board soldering. A station like this mean that the air temperature and airflow speed is adjustable.