Vote Yes- Representative Democracy

Say Yes, America!

What Is A Representative Democracy?!

A structure of government where all qualified citizens vote on representatives to pass laws for them.

Who Has A Representative Democracy?

An example of this type of government would be the U.S. where people can vote for a certain person to be the president, state officials, or members of Congress. Then that person makes a decision based on what’s best for the nation.

So What Do We Need To Be Considered A Representative Democracy?

  • 1st

    • There has to be a choice, not just one person running for something.

      • Ex: There’s always two people up for election when you vote for a president.

  • 2nd

    • The press and people have the right to say what they believe in.

      • Ex: Say the press wants to have an interview with President Obama about what he thinks about the ISIS issue, anyone who doesn’t agree with him can speak up without facing charges for it.

  • 3rd

    • Voters need to have a meaningful choice between the two candidates that are finishing up the election. They also have to believe that each candidate has a difference in their policies and prove those differences throughout the election.

      • Ex: Trump and Clinton are running for president this year. Those two are the people’s choice to choose from.

Why You Should Vote Yes!

  • The people have a say in what goes on, and they get to kind of control things by being able to vote. Which is also helpful when voting for officials.

  • It’s not just one viewpoint from one person, it’s basically everyone in the nation.

  • This form of government is efficient.

  • There is a compromise by voting, so no one is completely left out.

  • Citizens are more involved with this form of government.

  • Problems with the government can be immediately addressed instead of putting it off for a long time.