Homework, Organization, Planning


Weekly Skills

Week 1 Rapport Building, What is HOPS and why am I here.

Week 2 My executive functioning strengths and weaknesses

Week 3 Organization

Set up a system and clean out your desk, locker and backpack.

Week 4 Planning

How long does it take. Create an evening schedule including, snack, homework completion, dinner and free time.

Week 5 Setting Goals

Homework completion goals, stretching to improve my work completion.

Week 6 What's working? What's not?

How's that desk? Everything still organized?

How's my schedule working?

Am I completing all my homework?

What changes do I need to make?

Week 7 Setting the Bar Higher

What's my next goal? Is it time to expect more from myself?

Week 8 Celebration

Keep working hard it takes time to change a habit and create a new one.