Mrs. Julie Axum

2nd Grade Teacher


Welcome to 2nd grade!!! This is such an exciting year! I'm glad to be your child's teacher and look forward to working with you as well.


This year I have the pleasure of having Mrs. Linda Beckham coming in on Friday afternoons to teach Art to my students. The art lessons will provide your child with a much broader vocabulary bank and experiences that will connect art to science and to math and each of the subject areas. There are a couple of things that each student needs to bring to school by the end of the second week. One is a box of Crayola watercolor paints and the other is a lid to a laundry detergent container. The latter will be used for water and paint.


This year will be as real life as we can make it. Each student will earn money (play, of course!) by doing jobs they have applied for. They will be responsible for paying rent on their property (their desks & chairs), pay taxes, save, and purchase goods & services from the campus store. I'm very excited about all the math, economics, and social studies learning involved!!!


At times you may have questions or concerns or want to know how you may help with something. You can reach me at school on my conference period or if it is after hours, you can call me on my home phone. My school email is also checked daily, but don't send an email if it is urgent like how your child is getting home because I may not see it until he/she is gone for the day.