2011 Tsunami in japan

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2011 tsunami in japan

March 11,2011 at 2:46pm local time a magnitude-9.0 earthquake rupterd a 500-kiloneter-long fault zone off the northeast cost off japan.Its epicenter was 130 kilometers off sendai,Honshu.it occured at a velatively shallow depth of 32 kilometers.A temblor violenty shook norteast Honshu for six minutes, collapsed,its costline by one meter

japan after and before

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Ecological impact

The uprooting of entire communities and the infastructual losses produced immediate disruptions in the japan extinsive supply networks. these in turn caused dramatic drops in industrial production japanese companies. creativeity restored the supply chains in just a few months since. 3/11 only two nuclear reators have restarted operations. since 3/11 japan has experienced record trade deficts in the order of $78 billion in 2012
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Restoration efforts

Material damage from the earthquake and tsunami is estimated at about 25 trillion yen ($300 billion).Fukushima Daiichi plant, located about 65 km (40 miles) south of Sendai.A microsievert is an internationally recognized unit measuring radiation dosage. People are typically exposed to a total of about 1,000 microsieverts in one year.

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