9th Grade


How is the 9th Grade counslor?

The Freshman Counslor is Heather Krause.

Required Cources?

English 9 or Enriched
Geometry or Enriched

Cardio for Life

Physics or Physics X

World history or Enriched

Elective Cources?

Intro to Business 1/2 credits

Career Planning 1/2 credits

French 1 1 credit

German 1 1 credit

Spanish 1 1 credit

What tests do you take?

The only tests you take are the spring NWEA.
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Whats a regular day like?

A day in 9th grade is pretty simple, But a little different than Jr.high.

- Your classes are around 50 minutes, with a 5 min passing time.

- 9th grade doesn't have a Advisory class, so those extra minutes add on to your classes.

- In 9th grade and other sr. high grades you can choose to have a extra class or have a study hall.

- 9th graders are in A and B lunches but must are in A , and if you are in B lunch you go to half of your class, then eat lunch and after you go back to the same class.


Mr. Ulman Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Anderson Math teacher

Mr. Burgess Science teacher