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October 2019 - Week of October 7th

P2 Character Trait ~ Be Present......

"Happiness is not another place, but this place....not another hour but this hour.

Highlights of our Week

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Shout Out Corner....

  • Mrs. Martin for coordinating our Walk to School Day
  • Instructional Assistant's for rocking vision screening for our students
  • Mrs. Kozemko & the P2 crew for our P2 wall
  • Our PTA for an awesome Book Fair Week

Thanks, everyone for all that you do for our school!

Calendar Events

October 7

  • P2 Day - Jeans and P2 shirt

October 8

  • Committee Meetings
  • Benefits Presentation 4:15 in Media Center (attendance is optional)

October 9
  • Protected Teacher Workday

October 15

October 18

  • Pink Out Day - Wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day

October 22

  • Grades K - 5 Professional Development at 8:00 - 8:45, Location TBD
  • Grades 3-5 Curriculum Night 6:00 - 7:00

October 23

October 29

  • Grades 2-5 Professional Development at 8:00 - 8:45, Location TBD

November 1 - Unprotected Workday - Teachers are required to work or turn in a leave slip prior to November 1. This day can be used for parent/teacher conferences. Arrangements should be made to let parents in, so please plan accordingly.

October 9th Protected Workday

October 9th is a protected workday for teachers. All teachers should either attend Professional Development or plan to work in classrooms. By now, each parent should have received a phone call from every teacher. If you have not reached out to your parents this will be a great opportunity to check in with your parents. Documentation or a record of phone calls made will need to be turned in to Mrs. Hoke by October 31st.

Phone Guidelines

Sometimes, as a new teacher, it's difficult to make the first call to a parent or guardian. Preparing for the call will make it easier. Before making a call, write down the reasons for the call. One reason can be simply to introduce yourself to the parent or guardian. Here are several guidelines you can use as you prepare:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell the parents what their child is studying
  • Invite the parents to an open house and/or other school functions
  • Comment on their child's progress
  • Inform them of their child's achievements (e.g., "Student of the Week")
  • Inform them of their child's strengths or share an anecdote

Instructional Assistants are not required to work.

Moving Minds- Instruction and Academics

Readvolution by Michelle Platts

PRE will be participating in the Carolina Hurricanes READvolution Literacy Campaign again this year. You will be receiving letters in your boxes for you to send home to parents about the reading incentive.

Students will record their reading time using the READvolution icon in their WakeID portal. Reading times at school can also be logged, not just at-home reading.

Students that read a total of 800 minutes will receive two complimentary ticket vouchers to a Hurricane's home game.

Schools that collectively read 2,020 books will be entered into a drawing to participate in a field trip to the PNC Arena during the school day in February. They will get to see a Hurricane practice, participate in fun activities, and hear from Hurricane players.

PLEASE encourage your students to read and log those minutes. PRE came VERY close to meeting the book goal last year and we are planning to surpass it this year. You've got this!!

NKT & NC Checkin by Trent Crumpler


The assessment window for NKT will open October 7-October 21 for K-2 students. The cut scores for proficiency for each grade level is provided in the assessment window document that is attached. Please make sure that these assessments are completed in your classroom by the end of the assessment window. If you have any questions please see Trent or Lisa.

NC Check-In

3 - 5 math teachers, please mark your calendars for NC Check-In Assessments, the window will be October 14 - October 25. A testing plan will come out next week to give further clarification and testing procedures.

Front Office Reminders from Mrs. Morse & Ms. Valvano

Health Room Reminders-

  • Students should be given bandaids from classroom red bags. Please do not send students up to the office to get bandaids. If you are low on your supply, please let us know and we will get a box to you to replenish your red bag. If students need a bandaid while in the cafeteria, a red bag will be made available.

  • All students that are sent to the health room should come up with a completed yellow form. In the instance of an emergency, please complete the form by the end of the day and drop off at the front office (i.e. bloody nose, scrape, and fall during recess, etc.)

  • We are seeing a lot of students in the health room with headaches and stomach aches. We do ask that you have tried several in-classroom deviations first before sending them to the health room. We are experiencing high volume in the health room and having a child put their head down for a bit, visit the restroom, drinking some water or do some stretching before immediately sending them on their first complaint could greatly decrease the volume of students being sent.

  • Ice! The students love to come up to have ice put on everything. Due to NC Emergency Guidelines for Schools, we can only provide ice for the following reasons: bruising, sprains, severe nosebleeds or fractures/dislocations. A wet paper towel does wonders for most things and this is readily accessible in the classroom which is the same thing that we will do for them if they come to the health room and it is not something that we are able to give ice for.

Leave Reminders-

  • All leave requests should be emailed to Mrs.Hoke asking for time off. Leave must be approved at a minimum of 5 days in advance.

  • It is your responsibility to find coverage for your duties unless it is an unexpected absence.

  • After your leave is approved please give a completed Leave Request Form to Michele. If your absence is unexpected please complete a Leave Form within 2 days of your return to work.

  • If you require a sub, your absence should also be listed in Aesop. Please see Michele if you need help logging in.

  • Please send Michele an email of your absences so she can code your absence correctly in Oracle (i.e; training, sick, personal etc..)

Health Plans on ECATS from Shannon Edmeads

Dear Staff,

I have been notified that teachers are now able to view plans for each student by 1) selecting the student in ECATS, 2) go to the health services tab, IHP documents and clicking the health plan located under each diagnosis with the latest date.

Teachers are to run a report monthly and print out plans for any new students. Currently, Alerts are in progress and are not working. If you are having issues or need assistance please contact your school nurse.

Thank You!

Ms. Edmeads

Let's Celebrate.....

Happy Birthday:

Amelia Knight - October 4

Yvonne Koch - October 12

Patricia Medwar - October 14

Amanda Poole - October 14

Ms. S - October 21

Kate Peacock - October 27

Know your WHY, Remember your WHY and live it out daily.