Antagonist Changing The Story

Who is the Antagonist?

The antagonist is the government. The reason that the government is the antagonist is because they are the ones who started Unwinding and are giving up kids life for other people without a kids input because they think they are doing the thing that they need to, not necessarily the right thing, but the thing that they want to do.

Antagonists Free Will Rules

The government (antagonist) gives limited freedom to the children because yes, they let them choose certain things they can do. The government doesn't let them chose the most important thing though, to get unwound or not. Their parents do, and when they do they are giving up their children life's without even having a kids input. The children can't do anything about it and the government chooses when they die and how long they live.

Real World?

Yes, because you never know if a war could start and the same exact thing could happen to us because of people dying and the children instead because its the easy answer. It happened in World War ll, who knows it could happen to us in the next war, but hopefully not. The government would chose it over the people because they want to do what they "think" is better for the country.

Valued by the Antagonist?

The children are rarely valued by the government because the government just thinks that they are body parts other people need to use. The way the government pictures it is children can die so we can take their body parts and attach them to other people. When I think of that I feel like it's true because of what the kids go threw after reading the book, that's why they don't want to get unwind (one reason).

Science and Technology Use

They government defiantly depends on technology and scientist because the scientists are the ones that unwind the children and they have to use technology to unwind the children and to attach the body parts other people. If they didn't have the technology they wouldn't be unwinding children because they wouldn't have the supplies to do it, it's the same thing with the scientists/doctors.


They have a corrupt economy because of the war. It changed perspective for the government because the government didn't know what to do but that so that they could stop the war. Then since the economy got so bad they thought of unwinding and that's how unwinding started. Today in the unwinding community the economy is still corrupt because they are losing money, people, and scientists