Food Service Co-op

Region 5

What we do:

Cooperative buying can provide lower prices and better quality for school districts. Region 5 Education Service Center acts as the coordinator for this cooperative and facilitates the process needed for it to be successful.

The Board of Trustees for a cooperating district approves a resolution to join and the district provides the service center with the necessary data on products and amounts to be purchased. All district requests are combined in order to bid the products in large volume, thus encouraging a lower unit price. At this time, specific food service supplies are bid on an annual basis.

Why we do, what we do:

Mission: The primary focus of the Region 5 ESC Food Service Cooperative is to provide regional school districts the opportunity to administer a fiscally sound school food service operation while providing appealing, nutritious meals for the school population.

To accomplish this end, the Cooperative will:

  • Lessen school district staff responsibilities associated with the bidding process.
  • Act as a liaison between districts and vendors/brokers.
  • Assist districts in the implementation of the dietary guidelines with healthy menu planning strategies.
  • Provide required data to districts with regard to regulatory compliance purchasing issues.
  • Rely on district input on products and services to be offered.
  • Provide individualized customer service to districts.

Food Service Coop Database

To access our Food Service Database select the Database tab from the menu on the left hand side of the page. If you need login information please contact us directly at Region 5.

Our Current Bids:

Region 5 Education Service Center is now using Bonfire, an online procurement software, to help us keep track of your information and maintain better communication with you. Here’s what this best-in-class sourcing platform will help with:

  • Save time and money with online RFP responses - paper printing and snail mail is no longer required!
  • Communicate with our team during the bid and RFP process through Bonfire’s message center for centralized conversations and simplified record keeping
  • Update your details and documents like contact information, insurance forms, and NDAs on your own time in minutes

Please setup your account by visiting: After setting up your account, you will have access to current bids by clicking on the Current Open RFP Tab (or each RFP if more than one) and all other bid information.