St. John Bosco School Highlights

February 3, 2017

Upcoming Events

  • 2/9 - Class Photographs (Students in formal uniform)
  • 2/10 - Junior High Valentine's Dance 7 PM- 9 PM
  • 2/13 - Salesian Dress Day
  • 2/16 - PTC Meeting with Classroom Visitations
  • 2/16 - Chick-fil-A Night

Salesian Week

This week at St. John Bosco has been a very busy week. We have had so many activities with the feast of St. John Bosco on January 31. We have had Stewardship Day, Jump-a-thon for mission, Mission Fair, and ending with a Talent Show on Friday. The kids and teachers have done a great job having fun this week.

Stewardship Day

A-Thon for the Missions

A huge thank you to everyone for supporting our fundraiser for South Sudan! The money collected on January 31st was already a little more than $1,000!

The students had a great time participating in the different activities and here are the top performers for each grade level:

3K – Masen Valadez – 63 jumping jacks

4K – Aimee Torres – 79 jumping jacks

5K – Elizabeth Fasen – 80 jumping jacks

1st grade – Mia Tobar – 213 hula hoop; Ryan Rivas – 98 jump rope

2nd grade – Xavier Vargas – 172 hula hoop; Jasmine Vasquez – 130 jump rope

3rd grade – Sloane Lopez – 200 hula hoop; Samantha Roman – 195 jump rope

4th grade – Raeanne Wangiwang – 150 hula hoop; Aliana Flores – 118 jump rope

5th grade – Emily Monroy – 183 hula hoop; Jonathan Vasquez – 142 jump rope

6th grade – Isabella Delgado – 114 ping pong

7th grade – Benjamin Puig – 237 ping pong

8th grade – Tomas Gomez and John Ramos – 201 ping pong

Field Day

Thanks to Mrs. Perez, Mrs. Christine, and the 8th grade classes for planning an amazing Field Day for the kids. 8th Graders worked and ran the games while the rest of the students went around playing. Thank You for your dedication to making the day fun and enjoyable for all.

Mission Fair and Salesian Youth Day

Mission Mini fair is always a good time for all. This year we added a couple of new features into the mix of things the kids can do. We added a Photo Booth and also corn hole game as well as the solo ping pong. But of course, there are always the food booths and don't forget the cascarones, which are always a BIG seller.

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