Monday Minutes


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Important Information:

  • I hope that you like the new format for Monday Minutes and the addition of the Friday Focus. I will continue to print the Monday Minutes as well... but they won't be as interactive because you can't watch video clips, see the color, etc., from paper :) Please continue to push your students to the next level. The year is winding down but it is far from over. We need to teach bell-to-bell and squeeze every minute out of every day. I appreciate when I walk around and teachers are teaching right to the bell, not packing it up and shutting down 10 minutes early.
  • Happy belated birthday to Nurse Jessica (4/7). She wasn't on my list because she is new :(
  • April and May are busy months. Please help us ensure everything runs smoothly by getting all letters, notes, party announcements approved before sending out. Also, give Penny a copy and let her know if your class will be in a different location.
  • Please be vigilant! With so many people on campus during April & May, we want to make sure our kiddos are safe. Please be on the lookout for suspicious people and make sure everyone has a visitors badge on.
  • Please continue to follow all playground rules and make sure your team is spread out and properly supervising. I have not constructed a paper copy of the rules yet but all teams were walked through the rules and know the expectations. If you have any questions, please see me.
  • Testing continues this week! Thank you for being flexible last week. It is appreciated more than you know!
  • Thank you to LCMC for the yummy lunch on Friday!
  • Non-Instructional Staff: Please see me this week to sign off on your evaluations.
  • Instructional Staff: Janice and I will begin formal observations this week (as long as testing cooperates).

Archery Fundraiser

Texas Roadhouse Rolls $5 for a dozen. The Archery Team will receive $3 out of every $5. The fundraiser ends on 4/22/16. A fundraiser sheet has been placed on the board in the front office. See Coach or Suzanne for details.

Important Reminders

  • Fundraising & Playground Committee Meeting- Wednesday, 4/13 @ 2:40 p.m. in Media Center
  • Good News Club- Wednesday, 4/13 in Cafe'
  • Staff Meeting- THIS THURSDAY, 4/14 @ 2:40 p.m. in Media Center
  • 3rd Grade to MOSH- Friday, 4/15
  • All Pro Dad- Friday, 4/15 @ 7:00 a.m. in Cafe'

From Higgs


We will follow regular Special Area rotation, but Special Area times may be different. Story time will be in the classrooms until an all call is made

5th grade and 2nd grade will switch times on April 11th and April 12th. 4th and Kind will switch times April 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th.

8:45-9:30 2nd grade (11th and 12th)

9:30-10:15 Kind (April 11-14th)

10:25-11:10 3rd grade

11:10-11:55 5th grade (11th and 12th)

12:30-1:15 1st grade

1:15-2:00 4th grade (April 11-14th)

Before the all call, PE will meet under the breezeway. The large playground will not be used for recess until the intercom announcement. If you have PE with a teacher before the announcement is made, use the playground by the Kindergarten wing or an outside area on the North side of our campus.

Tech will be held in the classroom until an all call is made.

Story Time will be held in the classroom until an all call is made on April 11th and April 12th. The rest of the week will depend on make ups.

Remember, students are allowed to use the Internet ONLY for AR or AM. Please do not use the Internet for other things such as Reading Eggs ,Study Island, videos, etc.

No morning announcements on testing days—April 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th.

Please have students use the restroom in your pod area BEFORE heading to Special Area. Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE THE RESTROOMS near the Tech Room on the days when testing is occurring. It is a MAJOR distraction to students who are testing. Have students use the gang bathrooms if your class is in any of the areas of testing.


Tech Corner

Don't forget:

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  3. Facebook Friday- Let's flood the Facebook feed with AWESOME things that are happening at WES. #weswildcatpower

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Funny Video Clip... I know this NEVER happens at a Westside Faculty & Staff Meeting :)

Pay attention principals.