in Astronomy is... Bobby Burnett

What I learned

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2: What is out there?

3: Meteors

I liked the meteor topic we learned about because they seem intriguing because they are like just random icy rocks flying throughout the universe. Also i like making our Dry Ice meteor.

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4: Galaxies Colliding

I recently saw a video where they take actual pictures of 2 galaxies crashing and combining into each other. The guy then uses them to create a computer simulation of how it happens star by star from a 360 degree view. I just wonder what exactly it must be like to be caught in that. Is it very violent? or is it even noticeable?

5: What did you feel you got out of this course?

I understand how astronomers and astrologists observe distant objects and try to determine what they are made of.

6: What were your favorite topics? Why?

1. Moon Conspiracy theories because there are some pretty strong arguments about it and it made me think a little more than i wanted to.

2. Space exploration because I got to see how we know what we know and what equipment is used.

7: Least favorite topics? Why?

1. The light waves section because it seemed like i relearned what i did back in physical science and chemistry.

8: Topics to cover more

1. The search for other life

2. Moon exploration

9: Sharing

I would share the apps you showed us that show us all the things in the night sky at that exact time.

10: Support

Maybe, depending on the circumstances