Come on Down and Visit Rome, Italy!

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Come and Visit The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Why visit the Leaning Tower Of Pisa?

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is famous for leaning 14 and a half feet slanted! The diameter of this tower is about 51 feet wide. The tower is about 180 feet tall! The Leaning Tower Of Pisa is a major bell tower in Rome, Italy.

Rome, Italy

Facts About Rome, Italy!

Rome is the capital of Italy. It has been an important center of civilization for over 2,000 years. It is also know as one f the world's most beautiful cities. A legend says that rome was founded by twin brothers 753 B.C.

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Italian Language!

Italian.... English

Ciao... Hello

Laundry... Laundry

Albergo... Hotel

Si... Yes