A Christmas Carol

The Graphic Novel

I believe that you should read the graphic novel of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens because it gives you a clear visual and still includes the vocabulary of the book.

First off, you get to see characters and settings in the book, yet you also get to read it as if it was just like the book. When the ghost of Christmas present shows up, you get a view of him, but you also get to read what he says in the book. In the book they describe him, but I mostly think it's easier to get a clear picture.

In addition, they include the vocabulary and figurative language that's in the book, so you get to learn just as much. If you were to just read the book, some parts may seem confusing, which is why the graphic novel has pictures to explain it. If you were to just watch the play, you do get a visual, but you don't learn as much in the sense of vocabulary. In the scene where it's explaining what was on the table, food wise, you got to see the food, but you didn't get to know what everything was. In the graphic novel you get to see it and read what it all is.

Lastly, you can get the feeling of being in the book, as if it was the play, without having to go to the play. With the very clear visual perspective of all the settings and the specific facial expressions, you can imagine yourself as part of the book. In the part where they are at the work place of Scrooge, you got to see just enough to imagine yourself in the book, without needing to go to the play. If you were to just read the book, you may not be able to visualize being in it without a physical view.

In conclusion, I think you should read the graphic novel for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens because it's similar to a mixture of the play and the book. It's very engaging, interesting, and keeps you wondering.

A Christmas Carol Sacrifice


One sacrifice that the main character, Ebenezer Scrooge, had to make was giving up his old, grumpy, and irritated ways so that he could live a longer life and a happier one. It wasn't easy for him but he knew it was what he had to do. A sacrifice I've had to make is giving up playing soccer so that I would be able to play volleyball.