Sweden is the "Sweet" Place to be!


The Government

Sweden is a kind and very pleasant place to live. With its capital (Stockholm) having a whopping 789,024 people it obviously is the best place to be in the north eastern hemisphere. Having 9,723,809 people they must have something that draws them all near: their government! The parliamentary democracy is a very desirable government in a smaller country like Sweden. In this government the party with the greatest representation in the legislature forms the government!

The Rights

"All Swedish citizens have the same fundamental freedoms and rights, irrespective of age, sex or origin. The protection of freedoms and rights is embodied above all in the Instrument of Government and shall be exercised with respect for the equal worth of all and the liberty and dignity of the private person."-government offices of Sweden. In this the government is say that all citizens are entitled to the same rights no matter race, age, gender, or ethnicity.
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The Economy

The country Sweden has a free enterprise economy just like the United States has! This is the most desired economy in the world. With its freedom for the producers and the consumers I can't see how you could go wrong! This economy is a system in which private businesses operate in competition and largely free of state interference or control.