Top 10 Reasons to buy a yearbook!

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Hey You... Yeah you!

Are you still not buying a yearbook? After all the videos, flyers, and reminders we've sent you your still not convinced? Well then if that's not working... Here are 10 more reasons why YOU should buy our yearbook.

10. You'll feel left out.

9. All the cool kids are doing it.

8. Only $40!

7.The theme is based on one of the best games ever!

6. So that one day you can look at your picture day outfit and say "What was I thinking?"

5.Autograph section lets you share special memories with friends.

4. You'll remember your time at the best school ever!

3. Remember what was in style and what wasn't.

2. You can brag about the yearbook to your other friends that don't go to Boles.

1. YOU'RE in it!!

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