A Rape on Campus

Kaelah Khan

detailed review of the case

A Junior at the University of Virginia by the name of Jackie said she was ambushed and raped by seven men at the Phi Kappa Psi house during a party in 2012. Allegations were spread through the campus afterwards and pushed the school into a National discussion about how universities handle sex-assault claims. The account described Jackie being raped for three hours which left her blood spattered, very emotional, and literally scarred because of such gruesome assault. The case continued on because the fraternity had lied and said there was no party event that night of the attack. Jackie then came out and presented an attack very similar to hers. Her good friend, Alex Pinkleton, who survived a rape on campus said in an interview that she has had numerous conversations with Jackie in recent days and now feels misled.The fraternity’s statement came two weeks after Rolling Stone ran a lengthy article about what it characterized as a culture of sex assault at the flagship state university, using Jackie’s story to illustrate how awful such attacks can be and how indifferent the university is to them.

Sociological Imaginaiton

Lots of universities are known for covering up rapes. The schools would much rather protect their reputation then help out the poor victim. Because the rape victim chooses not to confront her attackers due to fear of what they might do, the so called alleged attackers satrt denying everything that was done. The attackers stick together and back each other up and the victim looks like a lyer and loses her credibility. What eventuallu starts happenning the victim starts questioning and doubting herself since no one else believes her. The majority of the rapes in universities go unreported and that is the reason universities get away with it.

Illustrations representing the case

The Concept of Empathy

I can empathize with the rape victim, Jackie, even though I myself have NOT been raped. But the idea of someone humiliating you, degrading you, and basically taking away your dignity is something I would never wish upon any human being. Jackie is afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. A year goes by and she is still afraid to mention names and speak out for fear of them doing it again or harrassing her in some way