Dean Kamen

By:Duncan Mcnish

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Background Information

  • Born 1951 in New York
  • Still alive
  • Childhood-He claimed he invented a way to make your bed without moving from side to side when he was five years old.
  • Interesting facts:
  • His father was an illustrator for a popular science and math magazine.
  • He made $60,000 a year before graduating from high school.


  • Didn't make good grades-negative
  • Paid for his inventions-positive
  • Cautious about inventions-negative


  • Invented the Auto-syringe-positive
  • established FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) to get students excited about science-positive
  • Invented the Segway-had a lot of problems-negative


Teddy bear-because he tries to invent ways to help other people.


Dean Kamen was basically a modern day Thomas Edison. Even though he struggled in school, he made up by inventing many different products that help other people. He continues to inspire students today though FIRST and FLL Robotics.


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