No More Excuses!

Can You 24?

I don't work out.

In 2010, I dropped 42lbs in 80 days. The picture you see to the right has been my "workout" for the past two years.

Here are a few of my excuses that have kept me out of the gym:

- I have four kids & no time

- I don't want to pay for a gym membership

- I've maintained my weight without working out

- I'm a big baby and never stick with it

- I'll start Monday

- My husband works out enough for both of us

Well....all that ENDS January 1st!

I CAN 24 for 72 in 13!

How about you?

Are you ready for the kind of body that doesn't require "sucking in" or "layering over"?

Are you done making excuses?

Are you ready to be the fit mom that is a great example to her kids?

Are you ready for the energy you had in your twenties?

Are you ready to make a decision that you can stick with?

Are you ready for the support & accountability that may have been missing before?

Are you ready to fill your off days from the gym with a 24 minute workout that takes your fitness to the next level?


Contact me today to hear how you can be on the path to fitness BEFORE January 1 & positioned to start the AdvoCare workout series as soon as it's released!

LOTS more exciting news to come!

Email me:

Call/text me: 317-361-7316

In 72 days...I'll have a whole new AFTER picture! How about you?