Roald Dahl

By Jennifer J.

Early Life

Born on September 13th, 1916, Roald Dahl began his early life in Llandaff, Wales. After his younger sister, Else, was born, his family moves to Radyr. Unfortunately, Dahl's father and older sister died in 1920, which made Dahl and the remaining of his family moved bake to Llandaff, Wales. Dahl attends the local Llandaff Cathedral School first, then at St. Peter's, Weston-super-Mare, and finally finished his schooling at Repton. After schooling, Dahl worked for Shell Oil before joining the Royal Air Force, following the outbreak of World War II. Because of a serious crash while being a RAF pilot, Dahl returned to Britain, where he completed his first paid piece of writing in 1942. With his writing career improved, Dahl met his future wife, Patricia Neal, in 1951. Two years later, they married and had their first daughter, Olivia, born at the same time Roald Dahl's first stage play opened. In 1957, Dahl's second daughter, Tessa, was born. This was also when Roald Dahl's stories appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Some of his best children's stories would be written in his later life.

Later Life

Most of Roald Dahl's best works were written in his later life. In the 1960s, Dahl's first son, Theo, was born, at the same time when his short story collection Kiss Kiss was published. Also in the 1960s, popular children's books, such as James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, were published. However, Olivia Dahl died in November 1962, but was soon followed by the birth of Ophelia Dahl in 1964. Following the publication of popular children's books, film adaptation were made in the 1980s. Several of Dahl's grandchildren were also born at that time. At the age of 74, Roald Dahl died on November 23rd, 1990. Even though Dahl died more than two decades ago, his legacy and memories would still continue at memorials, museums, and in his books.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a familiar name to most children around the world. Published in September 1964, this children's book was dedicated to Dahl's son, Theo. The ideas in the book were born from Dahl's school-day memories and the love of chocolate. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells an amusing story about Charlie Bucket, a poor boy who wins the a tour of the biggest chocolate factory in the world. This book is full of moments that will make you laugh, with witty conversations and clever plot. The five children who will enter the biggest chocolate factory in the world will experience amazing characters, inventions, and have a grand prize at the end of the tour. Curiosity and excitement will carry readers through the book, eager for the end. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will give readers an unforgettable experience from Roald Dahl.
Roald Dahl: From Books To Film