The Daily Hole

The 29th of August 2013 benjamin marquardt

  1. whathappened? he got hanged on november 11th
  2. When did it happen? November 11th
  3. Where did it happen? Glenrowan victoria
  4. How did it happen? ned kelly got shot in the leg and later hanged at melbourne Gaol
  5. Why did it happen? because he murdered and robbed the rich and stole money and he was resistance to the police of Glenrowan
  6. Who was involved? The kelly gang and police of Glenrowan
  7. An image of Glenrowan (with a caption).
  8. An image of Ned Kelly (with a caption).
  9. An image of the Kelly Gang (with a caption).
  10. At lease 200 words describing what happened.
  11. A title i.e. Ned Kelly Dead!
  12. A subtitle i.e. Glenrowan now a safe place

Glenrowan now safe