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Bishop Woods School Newsletter - 10.25.2020

Greetings Bishop Woods Families,

The staff at Bishop Woods is hard at work preparing for the hybrid transition. We will be holding sessions by grade level the week of November 2nd to share the expectations for students returning to the building, and those remaining hybrid. I will be emailing a schedule out this week so that you can plan accordingly. Please refer to the email I sent out last Sunday that details each plan for grade level bands (K-3 vs. 4-8). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

If you have chosen the remote option and plan to have your child continue to learn from home, but have not yet filled out the district Opt-In to Remote Learning form, please be sure to do so at the link below. Only families that are choosing the remote option need to complete this form:


Next Tuesday, November 3rd, there will be no school due to our schools being used for Election Day.

There are only two weeks left for marking period 1, which ends on Friday, November 6th. All progress reports are available on PowerSchool AND have been mailed home. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your child's teacher(s). It is important that students are not only attending class, but completing assignments, just as when we were in a traditional school setting.

Lastly, the New Haven Public Schools and New Haven Health Department have partnered with our community medical professionals to offer COVID-19 testing to our school community. This testing will be offered at schools across the district over the next several weeks. Testing is open to all staff, students and family members at the school that your child attends or at any site that is most convenient. There is no out of pocket charge to individuals, but health insurance information will be collected for individuals with insurance. There is no cost for anyone without insurance and there will be no copays or deductibles if you do have insurance.

We encourage everyone to take part in this testing as an important part to protecting our community. The link to the calendar of school and community testing is below:


Have a wonderful week ahead.

Your Proud Principal,

Mrs. Natalino

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Sun. 10/25 - London S. (Grade 6), Ms. Tolson (Administrative Assistant)

Tues., 10/27 - Saara M. (Grade 5), Albert S. (Grade 3)

Wed. 10/28 - Garbriella D. (Grade 3), Marvion S. (Grade 4)

Thurs. 10/29 - Melanie C. (Grade 3), Ms. Crisci (Assistant Principal)

Fri. 10/30 - Avian T. (Grade 6)

Sat. 10/31 - Isaiah B. (Grade 7), Aleshka M. (Grade 7)

Sun. 11/1 - Kalani S. (Grade 5)

Mon. 11/2 - Kaelyn G. (Grade K), Dezirae P. (Grade 6)

Wed. 11/4 - Danyelle M. (Grade 7)

Thurs. 11/5 - Andre C. (Grade K), Mrs. Natalino (Principal)

Fri. 11/6 - Nylah T. (Grade 8)

Sat. 11/7 - Mrs. Roberts (3rd Grade Teacher)

Events This Week!

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New Information

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IMPORTANT: Physical Compliance - Grades K & 7

Students in Kindergarten and 7th grade MUST have an updated physical in order to return hybrid on November 9th. Many students are still listed as out of compliance. We will need an updated copy of your child's physical , (dated within one year) hand delivered to school, emailed to Nurse Melissa (melissa.francetic@nhboe.net), or faxed to our main office at 203-946-8632.

Below is a list of all medical providers you can reach out to if your child is in need of a physical.

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FREE GRAB & GO MEALS - Bus Drop Off Locations Throughout New Haven

Be at these stops Monday, Wednesday or Friday, October 21-November 6, and the bus will drop the food to you!

STOP 1: 10:30AM-11:00AM
STOP 2: 11:30AM-12 NOON

  • Harbor Crest/Quarry, 1423 Quinnipiac Ave
  • Fulton and Quinnipiac Corner, 2 Fulton
  • Westville Manor, Corner of Level St & Lodge
  • South Genesee Playground, 35 S Genesee
  • Trowbridge Square, 36 Salem
  • Galvin Playground, 421 Greenwich
  • Kensington Square APT, 1327 Chapel St
  • Monterey Place, 69 Webster
  • Eastern Circle, East View Terrace & Jackson Ln
  • Jocelyn Square, Walnut St.
  • Rockview Apartments, 1 Rockview Circle
  • Brookside Apartments, 6 Solomon
  • Amistad Catholic Worker, 203 Rosette
  • Hallock Park, 62 Arch St.
  • Presidential Garden Apartments, Shelton & Hazel
  • Charles St. Police Station, 26 Charles

NEW Transportation Cards Mailed THIS Week

New Haven Public School Parents with students receiving school transportation:

The transportation cards will be mailed, Monday, October 26, 2020. Please watch for these post cards, they have all been updated. Throw away any old cards you have.

IMPORTANT - ALL students MUST where masks prior to boarding and during the entire ride.

Family Resource Padlet

Rather thank keeping all of this information on the newsletter each week, I have created a Bishop Woods Family Resource Padlet to house all of the important information and resources I have been sharing. The link is below:


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Adult Education Programs for High School Diploma and English for English Language Learners.

Do you or someone you know want to return to school to receive your High School Diploma, improve your English or receive your Citizenship?

Registration is open now at the New Haven Adult and Continuing Education Center for on-line classes. Chromebooks available to borrow for registered students, first come. First, serve basis. Please visit website at: www.nhaec.org to register for classes which include: High School Credit (day & evening classes), GED, ESOL, and Citizenship. Classes are FREE for New Haven residents.

PBIS Awards

Congratulations to our students that were awarded for being PROMPT!

Leon L. - Ms. Lavorgna's Class

Jeilany M. - Ms. Hampton & Ms. O,Mara's Kindergarten

Jesiah F. - Ms. Wright & Ms. Estes' Kindergarten

Londyn A. - Ms. Laughlin & Ms. Chase's 1st Grade

Kylee C. - Ms. Stevens & Ms. Simmons' 1st Grade

Janeilys F. - Ms. Garceau's 2nd Grade

London D. - Ms. Lynch's 2nd Grade

Alyssa P. - 3rd Grade

Astrid J. - Ms. Roberts' 3rd Grade

Naty'lee D. - Grade 4

Sonia Gonzalez - Grade 5

Laniya Davis - Grade 6

Arielyz C. - Grade 7

Stephanie H. - Grade 8

We are so proud of you! Keep on being PROMPT and ready to learn each day!

Congratulations to our students who were awarded for being POLITE!

Amani P. - Ms. Lavorgna's Class

Hiba E. - Ms. Hampton & Ms. O'Mara's Kindergarten

Christine G. - Ms. Wright & Ms. Estes' Kindergarten

Marques A. - Ms. Laughlin & Ms. Chase's 1st Grade

Eliana B. - Ms. Stevens & Ms. Simmons' 1st Grade

Josue A. - Ms. Garceau's 2nd Grade

Rahama N. - Ms. Lynch's 2nd Grade

Khawla B. - Ms. Lehner's 3rd Grade

Aya E. - Ms. Roberts' 3rd Grade

Nataliah D. - Grade 4

Frank M. - Grade 5

Lorenzo I. - Grade 6

Javon S. - Grade 7

Zulaikha K. - Grade 8

We are so proud of you! Continue to use your manners and be role models for your class!

PBIS Awards: Next 2 Weeks

We will continue to recognize students that are exhibiting the 5Ps each week through remote learning! We will recognize one student per grade level (grades 4-8) and per homeroom (grades K-3) focusing on one P each week. We will hold our marking period one 5P's assembly on Friday, November 20th! Please see pics of our Bishop Woods Hawk below demonstrating the Ps we will be focusing on over the next two weeks!
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Spotlight on Grade 5

Our 5th graders are learning about Native Americans. They have been introduced to various tribal regions within the United States including: the Northeast, the Plains, the Southwest, the Northwest and the Southeast. Students have noticed and wondered about the type of dwellings as well as what natural materials are used to build each dwelling. Additionally, students are reading a historical fiction text called The Birchbark House by Louise Erdrich. It tells the story of a young girl, Omakayas, and her family who are members of the Ojibwe tribe which reside in the area around Lake Superior. We are conducting character studies of Omakayas and her family.

During the first marking period the 5th grade students in science are learning the important impact the moon, sun, and stars played in the daily life of Native Americans. They learned Native Americans used these objects to help determine when to hunt, plant, and harvest their food in preparation for the change of seasons. Students are also learning how Earth's four main systems interact with each other and the importance of each one working to sustain life on earth.

Students were assigned the task to create a poster demonstrating their knowledge of the interactions of the 4 Earth's systems. See some samples above.

Ms. Sirico's Tech Tip!

Tip #1: Charge Your Chromebook Nightly!

As we look forward to returning to school in the hybrid model, it is important to start thinking about your family’s getting ready for school routine. Since your child will be bringing their device to school each day and home each night, it will be vital that your child’s device arrives at school fully charged for the day. Before bed each night, plug your device in and make sure it is charging. In the morning, be sure to carefully pack your device and detached cord in your child’s bag. Start to get into the habit now of charging the device overnight. Be sure that your child’s bag is free from crumbs and extra items that might damage the device. We recommend a padded backpack for transport.

In order for our school days to be successful, we will need to have our devices ready to go!

Tip #2: Updating Your Chromebook

Did you know that Chromebooks start to have more glitches when they need an update? Here’s a tip that will help you know when an update is ready. See info and pictures at link:


Important: Middle School Parent Information - High School Transition

Mrs. Nuterangelo, our school counselor, has created a Google office for my middle school students. This office provides students with opportunities to take brain breaks, discover calming strategies, etc. Additionally, she has an 8th grade Corner link, which gives parents and students access to information pertinent to 8th grade such as PowerPoints, links to open houses, New Haven Promise, etc. Our 7th graders should also take a peek, as it is never too early to begin thinking about high school, college, and careers.

Mrs. Nuterangelo's Office Hours

11:30-2:30 on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, and every Wed. and Fri.

During this time, students can discuss high school, issues they may have with on-line learning, friends, family etc. These hours are for students, parents and staff. Students will need permission if it is during class.

Below is the link to her 8th grade newsletter that contains important information for students and parents to review:


Ms. Wright's Kindergarten

Mrs Wright’s class loves Jack Hartmann. He sang songs LIVE on Friday morning. We had so much fun participating!
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Ms. Wright's Class Learns About Weather

Gersch Grrrls Science You Tube Channel

Students in Action! (Newsletter Contributions)

Please share any videos, images, quotes, or successes with remote learning each week to our Padlet!

  1. Click the link to the Padlet: https://padlet.com/cara_campo/58q8knqx4rgib18q
  2. Click the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  3. Please be sure to add your child's first name, last initial, and grade level to the title of the Padlet. (i.e. Londyn A., Grade 1)
  4. You will have the option to upload or add anything you would like to share with the Bishop Woods school community!
  5. Please submit all entries by Thursday of each school week so we can share in our Sunday Newsletter!


Remote Learning Reminders

  • The expectation is that every student logs in to Google Meet with their homeroom teacher at 8:45am every morning (Monday - Friday). The Google Meet link can be found in the banner of the Google Classroom under the Stream tab. Attendance is taken through homeroom. The schedule for the day is also shared at this time.

  • Remember that your child is attending school. He/she should be dressed appropriately, and seated to access instruction. Students should not be attending class while lying in bed!

  • We encourage that your child's camera is on. It is helpful for teachers and students to see one another.

  • Please be cognizant that your child's mic is on, and we can hear what is going on in the background. Even if you think your child's mic is off, it may have been turned on by your child or his/her teacher.

  • The Google Meet links may not be visible when the class is not in session. Teachers activate the meet link during their teaching block, and deactivate on off hours. If you can not find the link outside of scheduled class time, that may be why.

  • Parents should not be present in the video or talking to teachers during instructional time. If you have questions or comments, please contact your child's teacher during his/her office hours.

Attendance - Excused Absences

During remote learning, if your child is ill and unable to access Google Classroom and/or Google Meet, please be sure to email our attendance clerk, Ms. Jacinta Dabney, and Cc your child's homeroom teacher. Ms. Dabney's email is below:


It is important that all excused absences are in writing. A phone call will not suffice.

Thank you for adhering to this protocol.