Multilingual Mustangs

April-May Edition

Our Purpose

To communicate up-to-date information and strategies on English Learner instruction with all stakeholders at Russell Cave Elementary.

Our Mission

Ensure a positive, all inclusive environment by providing our linguistically and culturally diverse students with research-based strategies, accommodations, and culturally responsive instruction to promote success in and out of the classroom.

EL Happenings and Celebrations

RFEP Forms- Due April 18th

RFEP Monitoring Forms and English Learner Progress Reports (for active EL students) are open! RFEP Monitoring Forms should have been auto sent to content teachers on April 4th. They are due by Friday April 18th. If you have any questions or need help completing these please reach out!

EL Progress Reports

EL Progress Reports have been sent home. This report shows growth and current levels of proficiency in Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. If parents have questions please direct them to the grade level EL team member.

ACCESS Online Reports

We are expected to be receiving online ACCESS reports May 6th. We are excited to take a look at this data and share out with you!

Culture Club

Culture club has come to an end! It was the first year of implementation but was a big success! The goal of Culture Club is to spread awareness, understanding, and appreciation of various cultures, people, and values.

Thanks to all who donated bottle caps and helped us bring this fun project to life!

EL Strategy Spotlight

Conversation Grids

As the year is wrapping up and you are looking for engaging activities for students, here is a tool to get kids up moving and talking. Conversation Grids practice both speaking and listening skills while reviewing learned concepts and vocabulary. Students will discuss and answer content questions on an organizer and listen carefully to paraphrase responses.

Click HERE to learn more about this strategy and download the organizers. Send us a picture of you trying this with your students!

Helpful Resources

Big picture

Google Aloud

Have you heard about the new Google tool, Aloud? Click the link here to learn more! It provides the opportunity to "dub" videos in to other languages.

10 Strategies that support EL Learners

Click HERE to read the article.