about me!

By: Gabriela Agostino

10 people that know me

1. Anela 14 friend

Gabby is such a great friend, she is really funny, she takes the best selfies,and always blows my snapchat up to 200 seconds with funny videos.

2. Emily 14 friend

Gabby is really funny ad is always laughing and can think of the bright side of everything.

3.Brittney 14 friend

Gabby is pretty, a great friend and is always there if I need her.

4. Krista 14 friend

Gabby is so pretty and nice, really funny and an amazing skater.

5. Kas 12, bestfriend

Gabby is gorgeous, funny and sweet. she is one of the most amazing best friends in the world

6. Valerie 16 friend

Gabby is really nice, super pretty, really funny and an amazing skater.

7. Katherine 12 bestfriend

Gabby is perfect, funny, and a great skater.

8. Melissa 11 friend

Gabby is so nice and pretty and an amazing skater. She is the friend you never want to lose.

9. Kaylie 14 friend

Gabby is supersweet and a great friend

10.Alli 13 friend

Gabby is so pretty and funny. I always have the best times with her!

2 of the most memoriabel times in my life

Research my name

My name is Gabriela, my name means, "she is an amazing person. One of the most nicest girls you will ever meet. She has an amazing laugh, and is so georgous." -Urban dictionary. My nick name is Gabby.

3 of my favirote belongings

1: My skates

They are my number one favorite things ever. They are my favorite because I have them on everyday for 4 hours and I love skating!

2: My phone

I love my phone. I use it all the time and I love taking pictures with it and talking to my friends.

3: My guitar

I love my guitar because I love writing music and learning how to play new songs.

My inspirational quote.

"You know my name not my story"

I love that quote because it has so much meaning and its so true.


1: Favorite actor- Johnny Depp

2: Favorite actress- Angelina Jolie

3: Favorite song- The hills

4: Favorite band/singer- The Weekend

5: Favorite book- Out of my mind

6: Favorite food- Steak

7: Best friends- Kas, Anela, Mariah

8: Favorite tv show- Pretty little liars

9: Favorite summer time activity- going to the beach with friends

10: Favorite movie- The Purge

Biggest new evet from the year I was born

  • The Arizona Republic

    1. 537 votes decide race, divide U.S.

    America was divided after eight years of President Bill Clinton. But it was not until the vote tallies started rolling in on the night of Nov. 7, 2000, that the nation's narrow split came sharply into color.

    The cliffhanger election of Texas Gov. George W. Bush over Vice President Al Gore in the presidential race added the terms "red state" and "blue state" to the lexicon and set the stage for a decade of rancorous and at times paranoid politics.

    Gore prevailed in the national popular vote. But Bush won where it mattered, in the Electoral College, thanks to his carrying of the crucial swing state Florida by a mere 537 votes, a margin far tighter than in a typical mayoral or legislative race.

    It was not that clear-cut, of course. With the stakes so high and the race so close, Democrats and Republicans dug in for a protracted fight that eventually would lead to the U.S. Supreme Court. Early the morning after the polls closed, Gore called Bush to concede, then hastily took it back. Florida would have a recount.

    America was riveted by the struggle over disputed votes, becoming intimately familiar with arcane poll terms such as "butterfly ballots" and "hanging chads."

    The drama continued until Dec. 12, when the Supreme Court handed down its controversial 5-4 Gore vs. Bush decision. It blocked a Florida Supreme Court-ordered manual recount and crushed Gore's hopes.

    "Let there be no doubt: While I strongly disagree with the court's decision, I accept it," Gore said Dec. 13. Others were not so gracious, blasting the justices as partisan. On Bush's Inauguration Day, protesters lined Washington streets with signs reading, "Hail to the Thief."

    Political experts point to the 2000 election as a key moment in the rise of incivility in U.S. politics, where hard-core critics target the legitimacy of the president, peddle conspiracy theories and stay in constant campaign mode � a condition that would persist into President Barack Obama's term.

    Read more: http://archive.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2009/12/22/20091222decade-blomo1222a1.html#ixzz3kzitMxGv -The Arizona Republic

    My 5 favirote songs

    1: The Hills- The weekend

    2: She's kinda hot- 5sos

    3: My way- Fetty Wap

    4: Here- Alesis Cara

    5: Often- The Weekend

    5 goals in my life

    1: Get first place at nationals

    2: write at least 10 songs

    3: Get into a good collage

    4: go to concerts of all of my favorite singers

    5: Meet my favorite famous people.

    Positive motto this year!

    Stay strong and get good grades!