Mother And Daughter

by: Nisha seyed

Theme Satement

key quotes: 1.)"We don't have the money,"said her mother,genuinely sad because they couldn't buy the outfit." -Gary Soto," Mother And Daughter" 2.)"The dress, its cheap! its no good!" Yollie kicked the dress at her mother and watched as it lands in her hands".-Gary Soto," Mother And Daughter". Theme- Sometimes in life money can cause problems, but without it life can still be wonderful.

How This Story Might Interest You.

1.) If you like realistic fiction stories than this is the story for you. 2.) This story will make you understand the pressure of life and money. 3.) If you know how it is to be in a money problem than this story will make you feel better. 4.) This story will also make you love your parents and appreciate them more.

Review For Newspaper

Story critic Nisha Seyed has come to give you the latest review on the hottest books this season. I am proud to say that I have found a masterpiece. I have just read the mother and daughter story from Gary Soto’s new book "Baseball in April". The story was very inspiring and made me appreciate all that I have. I believe that it has potential to become a bestseller. I was very excited on how it was written and the climax was definitely a turning point for everything. Although it was just a short story I am very sure many of Gary Soto's readers can relate to this book. The characters dress also sounded beautiful although a little detail would have helped the story move along better and would create a clearer image in my head. Overall the story wasn't bad it was quite exciting and meaningful to me. I liked it when Yollie the main character had fun at the dance it made me feel like I was actually there, and when the dress dye came out I loved how the mood changed quickly. The mom also impacted the story when she didn't have money to get a dress, but this story ended with a stronger mother and daughter bond and love for one another. I encourage everyone to read this new book and tell me how you feel about this story and its problem. This book has taught me that money can sometimes create problems but that cant stop you from having a great life. This is the reason I love this book and I think you will to. Until next time.~Nisha Seyed

plot diagram

Setting~ At the school dance and at Yollies house. Time~ Cars just came; so its probably a while ago. Main Characters~ Yollie, and Mrs. Moreno. This type of conflict is person vs society and self because money leads to problems in society and she faces embarrassment and shame with herself and family. Exposition: Yollie is a smart pretty girl, but her mom always had trouble finding enough money to support them. Rising action: The school dance is coming but Yollies mom does not have enough money to buy a new dress for Yollie so they took an old one ,and dyed it to make it look new. Climax: The rain Poured and ruined Yollies dress exposing her dyed cheap dress. Yollie went home crying and angry at her mom. Falling action: Her mom talked to Yollie and apologized, and Ernie (Yollies crush) called her and asked her to the movies. Conclusion: Mrs. Moreno found extra money that she was saving for her daughter and bought her a new blouse, skirt, and shoes that wouldn't get ruined in the rain.