You're invited to...

Davy Crockett's b-day shindig!!!!!

Shindig for Davy Crockett!!!!

Saturday, June 22nd 2013 at 10:30am to Sunday, July 7th 2013 at 7pm

Challenger 7 Memorial Park, Webster, TX

Webster, TX

don't worry you don't have to stay the whole time but it'd be a delight if you did!

Come on down!!!!

come on down to Davy Crocketts shindig we'll have buckets full of fun and im sure of that

Things that were gonna do are...

  • A lasso contest... see who can lasso the most cows in 5 min!
  • Rifle shooting... see who can shoot the most bulls eyes
  • Animal catching.,. see who can get the most animals without killing them
  • Hunting... lets hunt so that we can eat!!!!!!!
  • Horse riding

We will be eating...

We Will be eating whatever we have just caught in the hunting activity so lets try to catch some good eatin!

Things to get Davy

  • A new bow
  • A new Rifle
  • A set of arrows
  • A new Coonskin hat
  • A new knife

Our host will be...

Our host will be Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind... here are some places to contact if you have any questions.