2nd Grade Newsletter

Jan. 18-22

What's Happening This Week

Reading- Martin Luther King, Jr. (biographies)

Writing- writing the order of events

Math- Numerical data, bar graphs, line graphs, pictographs

Social Studies- Innovation and Invention Change Communities

Science- Natural Resources

Things to Remeber

Jan. 22- Roo Blue

Jan.25-29 Great Kindness Challenge

Monday: Kindness RULES at Curtis--King, Queen, Royalty day!

Tuesday: Curtis Roos show Peace, Love and Kindness!--Hippie Day

Wednesday: Saddle Up and Show your Kindness Spirit!--Cowboy Day

Thursday: Roos know, Kindness ROCKS!--Rock-N-Roll Day

Friday: There are a MINION ways to show Kindness!--Minion Dress Up Day!

Feb.3- College Colors Day

Feb. 12 - Class Valentine's Party (info coming soon)

Feb. 29-March 4- College Week

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