Scouting Report

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Players to watch:

#4 C/G, 6-4.
Best player, quick, used all over the court. Will take you off the dribble. Offense wants to get him the ball

#10 G, 6-0.
Athletic, scrappy player. Mostly scores in transition. Anticipates the pass very well.

*#13* F, 6-3.
Comes off the bench. SLEEPER PLAYER. Do not underestimate him. Know where he is, stays around the post.


Fundamental MAN
occasionally will switch to a 2/3

Keys against their man: SHARP cuts, get to the basket and get out.
Spread out NBA extended.
Two hand passes, Jump to the ball.


Zone 0: Will run a guy baseline and stick someone in the middle.

Transition: Most their points come off steals and on the run

In bounds: They run LOW and several other out of the 4 across look.