JROB Dugout News 5/27-31


JRA is sliding into HOME PLATE

As we steadily move really, really close to the end...CONSISTENCY is KEY... students must have structure and be held accountable to the same learning environment... every day is a learning day.

SBAC is over and we must ensure that as students are walking through those green gates that they are still being provided with rigorous learning each and every day.

1. Daily learning intentions should be a part of every day's lesson. What, Why and How should be communicated to students at the beginning and end of lessons.

2. Chromebooks should not be used as babysitters to keep students busy, use of technology should be purposeful and connect to CLEAR Learning Intentions or formative assessment noticings.

3. Videos/Movies & Movie Clips should not be a part of the learning environment without it connecting to CCSS grade content standards.

4. There are no free days = worksheets/word searches/crossword puzzles etc.. Also, working with partners for the whole period should only take place if it is focused and a part of the daily learning intention.

Notes from Damita and Paula

1. Active Shooter/Emergency Preparedness:

As our nation is struck once again with another "senseless" school tragedy please ensure you are aware of safety procedures. During our Emergency Preparedness staff meeting, we were introduced to the challenging task of caring for our students during an on-campus threat. There were some great tips being shared in the copy room and in the hallways among colleagues. Here are a few of the takeaways:

  • It is recommended that doors remain locked at all times but maybe propped open.
  • When closing the door during a lockdown, do a hallway sweep for students and staff. (If the threat is not nearby, a restroom sweep may be done).
  • The A.C.T. switch will never be used in a drill. If this alarm sounds, act immediately.
  • Leaving the campus may be your only option. Remember, do not return to the school site.

Most importantly, always know your surroundings:

  • What can you use to barricade your classroom door? Have a plan.
  • What can you use in or near your classroom to fight back? Have a plan.
  • Which exit would you likely use? Have a plan.

Please don't hesitate to share concerns or ask questions.

2. The NEW LROIX Data Dashboard

Click on the link below to access the video that shows the features of the new LROIX data dashboard. this is the video that was shared at our staff meeting this week. The video goes fast, so I wanted you to have access to watch it as many times as you would like. Please feel free to see me with any questions. Please "play with the new dashboard" in the coming weeks in order to familiarize yourself with the new features as they will assist you in our end of year data meetings!!


Google Form to complete for data discussion:


3. End of Year Data & Student Success Meeting with Paula and Damita:



Google Form to complete for data discussion:


4. Long range - "Skeletal planning dates for 19-20(all day):

June 3 - 3rd - Library, June 4 - 4th - Library

June 5 - 1st - Library, June 6 - 5th - Library

June 7th - 2nd - Library, June 10th - Kinder- TBA/Location

LROIX - Due Date Data Entry - June 1st

Data into the LROIX system

Data Updates (FRSA, BMF & BENCHMARK)

Please make sure all district data is updated in LROIX so that retention data and end of year outcomes are determined. The last day to update data for our site is June 1, but please don't wait until that date to enter data. We need UP TO DATE data to make decisions about retention, class placement, achievement reports, etc.

Celebrating our Learning Journey....Open House 2019

Are you smarter than a 6th grader and sharing imaginative stories......#OpenHouse 2019

John Ross Foundation....End of year Sponsorship Field Day

Big picture


Open Enrollment for Health Benefits

If changes need to be made, please ensure you complete by May 31, 2019 . Click the embedded link

19-20 Payroll Changes....Be in the Know!

Please review video to understand how this change may affect your personal finances


This parent bulletin is sent via email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.


Big picture

Planning and Reserving our 19-20 Calendar dates...

August 19 - Office staff back on site/Office open to the community

August 22 - Retention Retake Testing Day

August 23
- Staff Retreat: 9:00-1:00, (Camp Fire LB ) #TeamRobinson CHALLENGES..oh yeah!!

August 26 - Staff Data Data and Action Plan Day - 5 hours paid

August 27 - Opening Day..8:30staff annual picture (Blue Jeans please), 9ish until 10:30,

& 11:00 Welcome BBQ with families

August 28 - 1st Day with students - Minimum Day @ 1:00

August 28 - Staff Meeting - Emergency Preparedness

August 30 - Paycheck on "new system"

JROB Happenings: Be in the Know!

SBAC Continues...Science section begins

5/28 & 5/30 - Middle School Department Head Institute (Email from OCIPD)

5/29 - Staff Meeting - Be ready for anything!!!

5/30 - Sports Banquet

6/1 - LROIX Data EntryDue (No excuses)

6/4 - 8th Grade Banquet

6/7 - End of Year Dance - Middle School

6/3 - 10th - Planning for 19-20

6/3-6/7 - EOY Data Conferences w/Spenker & Miller

6/10 - Day of Excellence for Kinder & 5th Gade

& 6/11 - Day of Excellence for 1st - 4th, 6th & 7Th

6/10 - 8th Grade Disneyland

6/12 - 8th Grade Promotion

6/12 - Staff Meeting - Class Placements

6/13 - Last Day of School - 1:00 Dismissal